Option to Mute F.A.Y PLEASE

Discussion in 'Share Your Feedback' started by BlondRecluse, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. BlondRecluse

    BlondRecluse Active Agent

    "XKeyscore Forensics Initiated" Is actually driving my insane. Her voice was fine on launching the main program, but holy heck, does she have to say something every single time you open (and re-open) a module?
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  2. greyhaxor

    greyhaxor Active Agent

    Agreed. I don't really need F.A.Y. to tell me what's happening every time I do it. Maybe there should also be an option for her voice only on the first initiation of an action. Also when the game first starts up her vocalization of "initiated" (I think it's when channel 0093 is opened) sounds like a question rather than a statement and doesn't go with the other times she uses that word. THAT is what is driving me nuts. Otherwise it's an interesting element.

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