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    First of all 2 things:
    1. I hope this is the right place to post this, if not, feel free to move it.
    2. I will be using spoiler tags just in case someone wants to try and solve the puzzles themselves, if they are too irritating, I'll be happy to remove them

    Another thing before I begin the mission details: Thank you to the devs that worked on this. You did an excellent job.

    Now on to the mission details (all times are US Central):

    10:40 am- Received an email from TBW: https://div88.org/TfyEs

    1:17 pm- Email read and looked up archive files listed: https://div88.org/glZO8 and https://div88.org/pTpYE

    3:30 pm- After hitting a dead end, I decided to ask for help in IRC, after no response for a while, I emailed Dispatch for help

    3:45 pm- Received a response from dispatch with a hint:
    We believe that information may be hidden within the image using a Least Significant Bit scheme. NITE Team 4 has asked us to inform you of a previous Steganography expert of ours named James Stanley. He may have a tool online that can help with your investigation.
    and finally got the image decoded using https://div88.org/fuPca image decoded to https://div88.org/OJICQ emailed Dispatch the results at 3:50 pm

    4:56 pm- Received a response from Dispatch with the next part of the mission saying
    Excellent work, we have reviewed the image and see that Theta Base Inc has been receiving the described product from SIGIL. We need to find out where the product originates from, identify the facility and we can investigate further.

    11:37 pm- After reaching another dead end, I asked for help in IRC and BPotatoes offered to help. They came up with: https://div88.org/NGICT

    11:49 pm- After doing some research I was led to this site: https://div88.org/UgV4T

    11:55 pm- Emailed my findings to Dispatch

    9:19 am- Received email from Dispatch:
    Using the intel you acquired, we found that the company deals with radioactive materials retrieved from the MARIA reactor in Poland. We need to investigate this supply chain further. We will be sending you an updated briefing with additional instructions.

    9:42 am- Received updated briefing and instructions:
    11:27 am- After reaching a dead end, I asked for help in IRC again, Zaelong responded and helped out a bit

    12:00 pm- Found company supplying the radioactive materials and sent an update to Dispatch about my findings.
    PerkinElmer, 940 Winter St, Waltham, Massachusetts 02451

    12:35 pm- Received a response from Dispatch, turns out my previous answer was wrong:
    We believe that the company we are looking for is involved with the MARIA reactor in Poland. Are you able to find any company that has a connection to the production of medical isotopes?
    Did a bit more research, which brought me to this site: https://div88.org/DULwI Email with new answer sent to Dispatch.
    Further research into the MARIA Reactor turned up a company called Covidien, which started its cooperation with Maria in producing medical isotopes in February 2010. It has since been acquired by a company called Medtronic

    1:22 pm- Response received from Dispatch
    Covidien appears to be a solid lead in the investigation, we will be sending you an update briefing with instructions on how to proceed.

    1:56 pm- Updated briefing and instructions received: https://div88.org/qM7WG

    2:06 pm- Used STINGER hacking terminal to get GPS data from delivery trucks, sent data to Dispatch

    2:46 pm- Response received from Dispatch
    It appears that the cargo stopped at Moscow airport and after which point, tracking was disabled. We believe it was transported to the SIGIL base after that point, can you find any locations in Russia that are being obscured on satellite images as mentioned in the Operation CRYPSIS report?

    6:00 pm- Asked for help from Dispatch

    6:20 pm- After no response from Dispatch, I asked for help in IRC with no response

    6:31 pm- Found an obscured area, sent to Dispatch: https://div88.org/cNuzd

    7:02 pm- Since I didn't receive a response from Dispatch about my last email, I continued to look and found this area: https://div88.org/TYubM sent new area to Dispatch

    7:32 pm- Response from Dispatch:
    We tasked a team with investigating the areas you submitted, we detected signs of a facility at coordinates 79°56'41.9"N 95°00'51.1"E (https://div88.org/TYubM). We believe that this may be a solid lead on a SIGIL research center. Your supply chain investigation has yielded valuable intelligence. We are preparing a debrief for you with additional information.

    7:45 pm- Debriefing received: https://div88.org/8BCJ8

    Edited email links to show screenshots
    Edit 2: Took out some spoiler tags, links after the first 3 contain spoilers
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    Kinda confused here. Was this a live mission or just a personal mission sent just to you?
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    Personal Mission, was a kickstarter reward
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    Ooh awesome! Didn't know about that. Thanks for sharing the details!
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