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    anyu clue on how to ''draw'' on the phone the symbol??
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    Operation Tidalvortex is now live
    the investigation is already started on discord and its being documented in this document as well as on this wikipage

    briefing will follow in the next post

    intel on whitechapel is found here
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    This is an agency-wide alert, immediate action is required. Agents must deploy globally to combat the threat of Mr. Whitechapel.


    Recent investigation into a document leak from Field Installation #7361 has confirmed our suspicion that Mr. Whitechapel is currently operating in the New England region.

    More recently, one of our remote listening stations in Eastern Massachusetts has picked up an anomalous signal, possibly a distress signal. Rift radiation in this area is extremely concentrated, which is hindering attempts to intercept the signal. In order to pick up the signal, we need to disperse the rift energy from this area.

    To this end, we have provided a platform for you to perform a ritual designed to globally distribute rift radiation. The goal is to have worldwide coverage, which will reduce rift energy interference at our remote listening station.

    • Take your cell phone and go to map.blackwatchmen.com
    • Record yourself reading the following incantation:
      A custodia matutina usque ad noctem
    • The Situation Room will broadcast a symbol in realtime, draw it on your cellphone to submit your voice recording.

    This is a 4-day live event free for all agents of the Black Watchmen. Join the community on discord and in the forums.

    guide for uploading your chant:
    1. use your phone to access map.blackwatchmen.com
    2. you should see this:
    3. [​IMG]
    4. click on "click to start" and you will be redirected to your camera app
    5. make a video of yourself while saying the chant
    6. after you have finished the recording, you should see this:
    7. [​IMG]
    8. draw the dagaz rune in this grid (it is the rune in the sit-room) like this:
    9. [​IMG]
    10. (and make sure all seven dots are colored/connected)
    if you have issues with your phone, you can also try to upload it with your computer
    1. make a recording and save it somewhere easily accessible
    2. if using chrome: go to http://map.blackwatchmen.com/ and press ctrl+shift+i and then ctrl+shift+m to simulate a mobile device
    3. click on the "click to start" button and select your recording to upload it
    4. then trace the rune, by keeping your mouse button pressed over the circles
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  4. zaelong

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    current status:
    the cipher in Signal #2 is understood
    dispatch provided us with a cleaned version of the #1st signal, and an even cleaner part of the beeps at the last part of said message
    signal #3 and clear beeps
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    I'll see if I can decipher the beeps as morse code.
  6. Raze Evernoth

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    I just realized something!

    The beeps sound as if in basic rhythm patterns, for there are 3 different pitches of sound. This is all I have:
    Low (x7), Medium (x4), Low (x3), High (x5)

    Does this mean anything to anyone?
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    So this is not really relevant to the signals mentioned, Although that puzzle was solved and mentioned in the doc (talk to zaelong if you want access to it.), but this is me trying to figure out what WC is trying to do. Cube#1173 on Discord tried to make sense of the message. See attached file for more details.
    Basically, Cube theorized that WC might be doing some "Dream Harvesting". Seeing the insane person that WC is, i would somewhat agree to that theory. So i did some thinking. Then this question occurred to me concerning the dream artifact from Ahnayro
    "If the infomation shown here: https://pastebin.com/PRA5SVGD was leaked by WC, how did the dream artifact link us this information?"
    I then get my facts together. Using the dream artifact myself, i was able to summarize its functions:
    • The dream artifact is able to sense fragmented dreams and the artifact is able to project these dreams to us so we can try to make sense of such dreams. (Hence why we have to find out the meaning of such dreams via "Dream fragments" )
    • After piecing together the clues to find out the meaning behind a dream, we are able to talk to the soul that had the dream. I don't know the exact advantage that this can give us, but its a somewhat reliable source of information.
    • (Recently established) it can also sense massive disturbances and allow us to try and make sense of the event that caused the disturbance. This was shown in form of the Zakarion gate.
    Okay, so i have established these facts. So here is my logic: The information was leaked and the evidence shows that WC is trying to do "Dream Harvesting" If the event had a different outcome that would not involve dream eating demons (for example, if it followed suite of demons that would cause abnormal weather patterns), the dream artifact would not have sensed anything was amiss. Therefor i would had to get the information from someone else.
    So i did a bit of research - taking into mind what our dream artifact can do - and well, this is what i said in discord:
    HSF3232 - Today at 9:24 AM
    This is following on from the theory about the message meaning:
    "Hmm.... Admitingly, the dream artifact that we possess (the one from ahnayro) has the same function of ethier giving us the abilty to dream walk or to dream spy. (The diffrence between the 2 is that the eailer atchually puts us in that dream and allows us to interact with it. The later just allows us to see into that dream through the viewpoint of the person having the dream.) Dream walking is said to help stop Dream stealing or Dream harvesting, maybe the dream stealer gets put into that dream and we have to defeat him as the dream walker to stop the dream harvesting? Although maybe useless in some sense, that may be helpful later on should the need come. If we are going down the path we have been before, then we might encounter a another BAUP situation. Again, unlikely unless WC is indeed that insane. But helpful to know this stuff"
    Some stuff relating to this theory:
    This might not be relevant at all. But.... Concerning the situation we are in, i thought this information might be useful. Its more or less theory stuff but i can't think of anything else at the moment.
    -- Agent HSF3232

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  8. zaelong

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    Just for clarification; by "using" the "dream-artifact" do you mean playing ahnayro, or actually the carcosa artifact?

    As far as i could find actual data, there's next to nothing on carcosa...
  9. HSF3232

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    In terms of "using the dream-artifact", yes one would say i did play ahnayro. However this is so i can get the lore aspect of the "dream-artifact". Without lore, it baseless. So yeah. Doesn't really mean much, just shows i have done my research.
  10. AgentZeus

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    Quick update for those not on Discord :

    Green Agent riningear has been activated and is currently on route to location (Salem)

    Zaelong has updated the doc for those who want to catch up
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    The Omnicron's unit vision image reminds me of a puzzle in an old puzzle game I used to play on my phone called "The Guides"
    When you shift the colors in position, it turned onto something similar to a target, which helped you move to the next puzzle, which were numbers that needed to be converted to binary, and the translated into a sentence...

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    Update :

    Phase 2 (Day 2 of riningear being on site) began early with a puzzle via email and a pre-dawn trip to the Attic. The doc and wiki are not currently up to date so please see discord for latest info if possible.

    It appears we may be nearing a conclusion to the OP -
  13. AgentZeus

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    Update : for those not on Discord / if you are watching this thread

    The doc is up to date & we have an issue to vote on HERE
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  14. Zeitgeist

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    Just a word concerning the second Omicron's ouput: there is no Atbash cipher.
    If you have Photoshop or any good image editor, use the tool to pickup color and see HSL values (Hue, Saturation, Lightness).

    Lightness = 41% for the first one and we get the sequence 41 54 54 49 43 as expected.


    Otherwise, very good work for the report.
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    Hello Agents,

    I am still trying to understand some puzzles we were lossing our minds on during this event.
    I've read all the forum and the complete PDF file, but it seems I'm still missing some information to get 2 puzzles :
    1) OYER
    2) The grey "circle".

    1) OYER.
    I understand how we got the "coordinates" 7,1 - 4,2 - 3,1 - 5,3 from the signal #3 sound.
    It was supposed to be Elder Futhark, but I even searched about Young Futhark and Tent Runes.
    But after trying 24 different "runes grid", I'm just loosing my mind and cannot find any "OYER/AYER" word.
    Can somoene show me where I'm wrong please ?

    2) The gray circle.
    Funny. Here it's the opposite problem, I had the good runes grid and the good numbers (7-4-8-5), but I could not understand how we found these. But forget about it : I just checked again the PDF file and it seems somoene has written again that part. My mistake was to ordering the colors from light to dark and not the opposite... * Stupid me *

    Thanks Agents.
  16. AgentZeus

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    @SLicTa I was poking around on discord earlier, hopefully this answers your question about OYER!

    By :
    Lexi.Event "Christmas";-Last Friday at 03:35]

    How the third transmission was solved: At the end of the third transmission we received there was a series of beeps spread accross three different frequencies. Ignoring the frequencies, and looking at the frequency as a ternary system rather than anything else, you could transcribe: 7,1 4,2 3,1 5,3 Spectrogram of the message: https://puu.sh/yLsU3/5148ad2546.jpg At roughly 8pm EST, Dispatch came on and discussed the cipher. They mentioned that the cryptanalyst they had on hand believed that we were looking at a grid-based cipher, that was at least a 3x6 grid. Not long after that, the potential of the cipher to be based ona 3x8 grid, matching that of the Elder Futhark runes was posited by agents as Elder Futhark runes are seperated into three groups called "Aettir". In theory, this worked by numbering the Aettir from top to bottom. The bottom one, Tyr's Aett, was 1. The middle, Hagal's Aett, was 2. The top, Freya's Aett, was 3. This corresponded with the three frequencies the beeps were split accross, which, when ordered from top to bottom would give you the same order of 1, 2, 3. Agent Dwarf has setup a grid image to depict the translation method visually: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/391338237513170944/393602999425040404/unknown.png This idea was subsequently tested, the first rune being the seventh character in the 'first' Aett. Othila (O). The second rune would be the fourth character in the 'second' Aett. Jera (J or Y). The third rune would be the third character in the 'first' Aett. Ehwaz (E). The fourth, and final charter being the fifth character in the 'third' Aett. Raido (R). The translation of "Oyer" then lead to Salem in Massachusetts. This was due to the Oyer and Terminer court used during the Salem witch trials. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oyer_and_terminer(edited)
  17. riningear

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    Hey guys, I just wanted to give a shout-out to the person who cleaned the house after I left.

    A custodian.
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