Operation Silverspear

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by codex-13, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Corvunix

    Corvunix Active Agent

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  2. AZTEC

    AZTEC Active Agent

    Just deciphered my transmission:
    845155 = SEVERE
  3. clutterArranger

    clutterArranger Active Agent

  4. Croworth

    Croworth Active Agent

    Yeah, that seems to be the case, it's just it'd be a shame if someone did report a word and forget about the address.
  5. StenRough

    StenRough Active Agent

    Geelong says something like this "Test New Pathogen Tommorow"... Maybe we should hit the HQ about times of codes and try to discover if this is related to intercepted letter or if we should watch out for new one?
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  6. Jonah3301

    Jonah3301 Active Agent

    mine was easy

    565161= now
  7. DeiDhena

    DeiDhena Senior Agent

    As GA network is at 80% approx, we need to mobilize more agents to enhance its strength.
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  8. Windir

    Windir Senior Agent

    This is my message:
    651855 = The

    I also sent the mail.

    I also will be able to upload another photo later this day (before time runs out).
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  9. Lazaruz

    Lazaruz Active Agent

    Took me a while to decipher it (mostly because I drew it wrong at first)

    141521 = Mail 2

    Plaintext has been delivered to HQ, and given the opportunity still stands, I should have this town activated before the day is over.
  10. mrbanks

    mrbanks Senior Agent

    First time i have seen someone post that one. I wonder what is all means :)
  11. Lazaruz

    Lazaruz Active Agent

    Since I forgot to add it in the original post, judging by the response from HQ

    Your message has been received and the plaintext been added to our growing database. We are in the process of assembling a full code book to be used in the next phase of this operation. Understanding the codes will greatly increase our chances of identifying the perpetrators of the ongoing biological attacks.

    We will update all agents once the full codebook has been compiled.

    Division 66
    It has not been flagged by NITE Team 4
  12. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    I made a 'template' for the code, for anyone who doesn't want to deal with the slanted, sorta-weird one that Dispatch sent out from the Hong Kong photos.

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  13. mgelles

    mgelles Senior Agent

    Code Received 781387=november. Edited google doc.
    This does not appear to be a code flagged by Nite team 4
  14. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Status as of 2016-08-19 15:30 UTC
    Signal Strength Reported: 90.7%
    Death Toll Reported: 0612 deaths
    Global Network Status:
    Isolated Network : 138 Cities - 61%
    Localized Defense: 55 Cities - 24%
    District Wide Protection: 18 Cities - 8%
    City Wide Shield: 16 Cities - 7%
    Total: 227 Cities

    Aachen Level 1
    Afton Level 1
    Akron Level 3
    Allensbach Level 1
    Almere Level 1
    Apple Valley Level 1
    Archibald Level 1
    Argyle Level 1
    Ashland Level 1
    Au Sable Forks Level 1
    Austin Level 1
    Bakersfield Level 2
    Baltimore Level 3
    Banja Luka Level 1
    Barrie Level 4
    Baskin Level 1
    Bastrop Level 1
    Bay Shore Level 2
    Bedford Level 1
    Belfast Level 1
    Bergen Level 2
    Berlin Level 2
    Bjelovar Level 1
    Boden Level 1
    Boise Level 3
    Bojkovice Level 1
    Boston Level 3
    Bournemouth Level 2
    Bratislava Level 2
    Brest Level 1
    Brisbane Level 3
    Brooklyn Level 2
    Budapest Level 3
    Burlington Level 1
    Burlington Level 1
    Burnsville Level 1
    Busan Level 1
    Cambridge Level 2
    Canberra Level 1
    Carlsborg Level 1
    Cartagena Level 2
    Charlotte Level 1
    Cincinnati Level 2
    Cologne Level 1
    Columbia Level 1
    Copenhagen Level 1
    Coulommiers Level 1
    Culver City Level 1
    Dallas Level 1
    Davie Level 1
    Decatur Level 1
    Delano Level 1
    Delnice Level 1
    Drama Level 2
    Dresden Level 2
    Dublin Level 1
    Düsseldorf Level 1
    Enköping Level 4
    Essex Junction Level 2
    Everett Level 2
    Falkirk Level 1
    Fort Dodge Level 1
    Fort Mitchell Level 1
    Fort Worth Level 1
    Fremont Level 1
    Galway Level 1
    Geelong Level 4
    Giv'atayim Level 1
    Glen Eira Level 1
    Glenelg Level 2
    Glenwood Level 1
    Gliwice Level 2
    Granby Level 2
    Grand Rapids Level 1
    Greentown Level 1
    Hartville Level 1
    Hasselt Level 2
    Hellevoetsluis Level 2
    Hertfordshire Level 1
    High Wycombe Level 2
    Hong Kong Level 4
    Houston Level 2
    Hudson Level 2
    Istanbul Level 3
    Jefferson Level 1
    Kansas City Level 1
    Karlstad Level 2
    Keeseville Level 1
    Kentwood Level 1
    Kerrville Level 1
    Kiev Level 2
    Kilgore Level 1
    Kilkenny Level 2
    Konstanz Level 3
    Koriyama Level 1
    L'Assomption Level 1
    Lahti Level 2
    Lakeland Level 1
    Lakemore Level 1
    Las Vegas Level 3
    Leichlingen Level 1
    Leiden Level 4
    Leuven Level 2
    Lévis Level 1
    Lewisville Level 1
    Lillehammer Level 1
    Lincoln Level 1
    Liverpool Level 2
    London Level 4
    Longueuil Level 2
    Los Angeles Level 4
    Los Gatos Level 1
    Loveland Level 2
    Lyon Level 2
    Madrid Level 4
    Mangham Level 1
    Maple Ridge Level 1
    Martinez Level 1
    McFarland Level 1
    Melbourne Level 3
    Miami Beach Level 1
    Milan Level 2
    Minneapolis Level 1
    Montpellier Level 2
    Montreal Level 4
    Mont-Saint-Guibert Level 1
    Morgan Hill Level 1
    Moscow Level 4
    Nantwich Level 1
    Neath Level 1
    Nevele Level 1
    New Braunfels Level 2
    New York Level 4
    Niterói Level 3
    Nitra Level 2
    Northampton Level 1
    Northampton Level 2
    North Canton Level 2
    Norwich Level 1
    Oakland Level 2
    Ocala Level 2
    Oirschot Level 1
    Old Bethpage Level 1
    Oslo Level 1
    Ottawa Level 2
    Oxford Level 3
    Palma Level 2
    Paris Level 3
    Phoenix Level 2
    Plainview Level 1
    Pleasant Hill Level 1
    Poole Level 1
    Port Angeles Level 1
    Portugalete Level 1
    Potsdam Level 1
    Poznań Level 1
    Rayville Level 1
    Richmond Hill Level 1
    Roseville Level 1
    Rouen Level 2
    Saalfeld Level 1
    Saginaw Level 1
    Saginaw Level 1
    Sainte-Foy Level 3
    Salerno Level 2
    Salisbury Level 1
    San Antoino Level 4
    San Francisco Level 3
    San Jose Level 3
    Santa Paula Level 1
    São Paulo Level 1
    Sarreguemines Level 2
    Saskatoon Level 1
    Schwabach Level 1
    Seattle Level 4
    Seguin Level 2
    Sequim Level 1
    Sesvete Level 1
    Sevran Level 1
    Shakopee Level 1
    Shawnee Mission Level 4
    Sigulda Level 1
    Singen Level 1
    Slavičín Level 1
    Smithtown Level 1
    Somerville Level 2
    South Point Level 2
    Squamish Level 1
    St. Catharines Level 1
    Stedman Level 1
    Steinkjer Level 2
    St. Gallen Level 2
    St. George Level 2
    Stillwater Level 1
    Stockholm Level 1
    St. Petersburg Level 1
    Sunnyvale Level 1
    Sydney Level 3
    The Hague Level 4
    Thisted Level 1
    Tittensor Level 1
    Tokyo Level 1
    Toronto Level 3
    Toulouse Level 4
    Trondheim Level 1
    Uniontown Level 1
    Vancouver Level 1
    Vaughan Level 1
    Viana do Castelo Level 1
    Vienna Level 2
    Warsaw Level 1
    Washington D.C. Level 1
    Washington Level 1
    Webster Level 1
    Welland Level 1
    Whistler Level 1
    Wichita Level 2
    Winnsboro Level 1
    Wolfenbüttel Level 1
    Wolverhampton Level 1
    Wyoming Level 2
    Xalapa Level 1
    Yekaterinburg Level 1
    York Level 2
    Zadar Level 1
    Zagreb Level 1
    Zvolen Level 1

    URGENT UPDATE: Attacks likely large scale biological weapons test by AMWOG. We will update all active agents as more intel is gathered.
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  15. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    Keep submitting new locations, people! We need the signal at 100%!

    Edit: Added McQueeney, TX. LV1 since there is only one in the town.
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  16. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    Update to our little spreadsheet we have going here, conditional formatting has been added, so if you put "Not" or "Not Flagged" under the "Flagged" column, the space will turn red, and "Flagged" or any combination of "Flagged" and words not including "Not", will make it turn green.

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  17. Killkeny

    Killkeny Active Agent

    Hello Agents!
    I have just decoded my number:
    I also update de Gdocs.
    Keep the good work!
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  18. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    2 emails here
    551485 = South
    355152 = Stay
  19. BPotatoes

    BPotatoes Senior Agent

    Last night, I emailed dispatch about the "pathogen test tomorrow" message in Geelong. This morning, I received this response:

    Agent BPotatoes,

    Understood. We have reason to believe these attacks are part of a biological weapons test. We have noted Agent TheGrigori's theory that this is a test run to see the effectiveness of PERUN and the possible dispersal rate of this pathogen. Due to the scope of the campaign, AMWOG is likely a highly sophisticated group with strong international connections. We will update all active agents as more intel is gathered.

    Division 66
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  20. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I went back and looked at the response I received from Nite 4 when I reported 685672 = HIDDEN, they said "The string originated from the user of MAC address *fc:b8:fe:ca:8d:de*." I added that info to my entry in the googledoc. Thanks for bringing that up - we probably have more than one message and it would be good to sort which words fit the different messages.

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