Operation Silverspear

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by codex-13, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    My wife, Mrs Sonne, is a postal worker. I asked her to keep her eyes open for suspicious activity and especially for mail from Russia.

    She cautioned me that in the US an Agent can get into trouble with Homeland Security for taking pictures of post office operations (basically anything inside the building or at the loading dock). She advises being careful.

    Mission parameters require only the front of the building.
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  2. Lynn

    Lynn Senior Agent

    I got a question as well, for a long time now where I live most 'local' dedicated P.O.'s (local in a city-wide sense) have been removed and are now embedded in e.g. local book stores, grocery stores or similar (you can pick up and send off packages there and they have their own small storage place for packages). So do you want to know about these :p? There's only one "main" dedicated P.O. in the center of the city (The Hague) that I know of right now, but there are a lot of these smaller ones nowadays, I'm guessing 20 or more..!
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  3. Balamung

    Balamung Senior Agent

    Both submissions I sent were small ones inside stores, and both were accepted, so I guess it's okay =)
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  4. Lynn

    Lynn Senior Agent

    Great, thanks! Here we go ;-)
  5. TheGrigori

    TheGrigori Senior Agent

    Some advise on OPSEC, Agents. When out in the AO, there are a few cover stories we can utilize for the time being. Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Layars are good cover stories to have while out in field. If you're unfamiliar with screen capturing via phone then here's the gist. Android users using operating system 4.0 and later press the down volume button and power button at the same time. There'll be an animation showing you've captured your screen. iPhone users press the power button and the home button at the same time.

    Stay safe out there, Agents.
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  6. Lynn

    Lynn Senior Agent

    Another question, after uploading the pictures for a PO am I supposed to update the gdoc myself or will this be done by someone else after it is confirmed? I'm guessing the latter (could get pretty messy otherwise?).
  7. Balamung

    Balamung Senior Agent

    I update the Gdoc myself when I upload one, mostly to tell other people in the city which ones I did =)
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  8. TwilightsHerald

    TwilightsHerald Active Agent

    Much the same. Speaking of, tomorrow I'm considering cutting a path through western Vermont, since I'll probably have time and most of these little burgs only have the one post office.
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  9. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    Ok, I left work early to do recon on multiple locations. 3 locations added

    I uploaded the photos to Nite 4 and here is a album if anyone is interested as well as a Live video


    This also activates level 2 , according to the archive. I can do two more cities easily if needed, Just let me know​
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  10. VirtusVotis

    VirtusVotis Senior Agent

    Ooh, just checked my email. This is gonna be fun. May have a chance to do some recon at my local PO later today or tomorrow.

    I do have to second the cautions for this mission, however, especially in the USA. Photography in general tends to be looked upon as suspicious here, and doubly so when the subject is a government building not known for being a tourist attraction, like a post office.

    Americans: specializing in paranoia since 1776! ;)
  11. NomenLuni

    NomenLuni Senior Agent

    There are a few more post offices here and I'm going to get them tomorrow afternoon if it's not too late. I just want to check that's it's okay to upload them as I've already submitted one today.
  12. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Status as of 2016-08-16 15:22 UTC
    Signal Strength Reported: 20.8%

    Afton Level 1
    Austin Level 1
    Bakersfield Level 2
    Baltimore Level 1
    Boise Level 1
    Boston Level 2
    Brooklyn Level 1
    Budapest Level 3
    Burlington Level 1
    Cambridge Level 2
    Carlsborg Level 1
    Cartagena Level 2
    Coulommiers Level 1
    Delano Level 1
    Drama Level 1
    Dresden Level 2
    Dublin Level 1
    Düsseldorf Level 1
    Enköping Level 2
    Essex Junction Level 2
    Falkirk Level 1
    Galway Level 1
    Glenwood Level 1
    Greentown Level 1
    Hartville Level 1
    Hasselt Level 2
    High Wycombe Level 1
    Hong Kong Level 3
    Hudson Level 2
    Istanbul Level 2
    Kilkenny Level 1
    Lakeland Level 1
    Las Vegas Level 2
    Leichlingen Level 1
    Lévis Level 1
    London Level 3
    Los Angeles Level 4
    Lyon Level 2
    Madrid Level 1
    Maple Ridge Level 1
    McFarland Level 1
    Montpellier Level 2
    Montreal Level 3
    Moscow Level 2
    Nevele Level 1
    New York Level 3
    North Canton Level 2
    Paris Level 2
    Port Angeles Level 1
    Richmond Hill Level 1
    Roseville Level 1
    Saalfeld Level 1
    Sainte-Foy Level 1
    San Jose Level 2
    Seguin Level 2
    Sequim Level 1
    Shawnee Mission Level 2
    Sigulda Level 1
    South Point Level 1
    St. Gallen Level 2
    Stillwater Level 1
    Stockholm Level 1
    The Hague Level 2
    Toronto Level 2
    Uniontown Level 1
    Vaughan Level 1
    Viana do Castelo Level 1
    Yekaterinburg Level 1

    As a Cybertech I've made a perl script to help in the operation. The script parses the info in the intrusion map and prints the list of unlocked cities along with its level. It can be used from a linux shell, but if anyone wants to mod it, port it or the like, feel free to do so. The script is attached to this post inside a zip file.

    Attached Files:

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  13. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Oh man. Thank you so much. This is so much easier than doing it by hand in the gdoc as I've been doing, didn't even think to automate it...
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  14. Balamung

    Balamung Senior Agent

    Well, the Gdoc has the bonus of us writing the exact PO we visited =P
  15. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Yeah, but this is a good way to check for people who don't update the Gdoc. Speaking of which, I've gone through and updated the Gdoc!
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  16. Balamung

    Balamung Senior Agent


    First, after a scouting mission through Montreal, I have to report a victim of this Operation : My umbrella died because of a sudden wind burst, may its death allow us to complete the mission.

    Secondly, I uploaded all my submissions here : http://imgur.com/a/bvsv2, and I noticed a lot of the POs has a weird wi-fi network around them. I've never seen those so it made me curious. Could these be part of one of the next steps of the operation ? Am I just being paranoid ? Are those the answer to life, the universe and everything ? Wait and see =)
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  17. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    @Zerosh script needs the following stuff to be installed
    Unix operating system

    Ubuntu/Debian instructions
    1. Do apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y && apt-get update install perl curl -y
    2. Download the script by running command wget http://workrelay.cloudapp.net/op_silverspear_status.pl && chmod +x op_silverspear_status.pl
    3. Then just do ./op_silverspear_status.pl and let it run

    Also code is here:
    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    # Perl script to monitor the status of the global network
    # Op SILVERSPEAR -  Black Watchmen - 2016-08-16/20
    # Agt Zerosh
    use Switch;
    system('/usr/bin/curl -s http://intrusion.blackwatchmen.com/ -o intrusion_map.txt');
    open FILE, "<", "intrusion_map.txt" or die $!;
    $target = 0;
    $city = "";
    $level = 0;
    $signal = 0;
    $weight = 0;
    while (my $line = <FILE>) {
    #       case 9    { $city =  $& if $line =~ /(?i)[a-z .]+/ }
          case 9    { ($city) = $line =~ /(?i)'(.+)'/ }
          case 4    { $level++ if $line =~ /true,\n/; $weight=0.25 }
          case 3    { $level++ if $line =~ /true,\n/; $weight=0.5 }
          case 2    { $level++ if $line =~ /true,\n/; $weight=0.75 }
          case 1    {
        if ($line =~ /true*/){ $level++; $weight=1 }
        printf "%20s\tLevel $level\n", $city;
        $city = "";
        $level = 0;
        $signal += $weight;
        $weight = 0;
      if($line =~ /setMarker\(\n/){
        $target = 9;
    # print "# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #\n";
    # print "Esimated Signal Strength: $signal\%\n";
    # print "# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #\n";
    close FILE or die $!;
    exit 0;
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  18. NomenLuni

    NomenLuni Senior Agent

    I'm not sure that script is working correctly. It seems to have added me as a town in Switzerland. :)
  19. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    No, that's my fault... I don't know why Switzerland keeps getting screwed up.
  20. NomenLuni

    NomenLuni Senior Agent

    Ah I see. It's okay. :)
    Also, I'm not responsible for adding the Swiss town so I just removed myself from that section.

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