Operation Silent Spring, no idea what to do

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by ekscrypto, Oct 14, 2017.

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    So, Just installed the Nite Team 4, after watching a few "gameplay" videos I'm not sure if its a bug or I'm just that dumb. After launching the game there is only 1 mission available, "Operation Silent Spring". When watching the introduction video, there is no hint other than an eco terrorist group in germany, the mission is supposed to get me to collaborate with GCHQ. so far so good... All I have other than that, is a "Next Update 2017-10-20"; the hacking tools seems to allow me to query newslivewire.ca which seems to be the remnant of older missions before the beta.

    I have no "inbox" or ways to get more information from my "liaison officer" (Frances Williams), I have no clear target. Am I just too early and I have to wait until the 20th of October before the game I just installed is actually playable?

    I've toyed around sfuzzer and osintscan but regardless of what I do I can't seem to unlock the other hacking tools or proceed any further in that operation. Any help?
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    The mission will be launched on Friday 20th, right now we are rolling out the client and sending closed beta invitation.

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