Operation Sentinel bug

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by EnvY, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. EnvY

    EnvY New Agent

    So I was doing the 2nd part of the Operation Sentinel. I done the first objective to find connecting threads, and after that I exited the game. Later I continued it and done the other 2 objectives but I just realized that the 2st objective is not checked anymore.

    The problem is that I can't complete the mission now since I can't find the nedded elements in the XKeyscore anymore since the others added later are now in it.
  2. bissen

    bissen Active Agent

    I also thought that, but it´s not a bug. I continue the digging and it payed out. ;)
  3. Dalamus

    Dalamus Active Agent

    Okay so I'm on Chapter 3 but I'm fairly sure completing the 2nd objective was meant to unlock certain XKEYSCORE entities. Nothing has been updated though so I'm not sure if I'm missing something or if it's bugged. I know there's been quite a few issues lately of xkeyscore entities not unlocking. ;_; Gonna keep messing around and see if there's anything else but I've checked everything.
  4. ei3ola

    ei3ola New Agent

    I am at the same point in Chapter 3. Looks bugged as I have hunted everything else I could think of (no airodumps, no active dir, no filebrowsers, etc.).
  5. Moagim

    Moagim Active Agent

    Yeah I wonder about this part of Chapter 3 as well

    I got into the HR database of Hookshot and also got the second objective done - cross reference the cab reports

    But now I am not sure if some newx XKEYSCORE entities should get unlocked to facilitate completion of the third objective.
  6. Moagim

    Moagim Active Agent

    OK, I figured this out, the solution is not XKEYSCORE so no bug here.
  7. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    Okey, I am through, when someone needs a hint just write me.
    But I am a little bit puzzled: should the whole operation really just end after gotten accepted by HSC? No de-briefing this time?

    But despite that, fun as always #AlbertSpeersVilla
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  8. ei3ola

    ei3ola New Agent

    You could at least give a hint. I have gone through every single option I can think of for the other entities with no luck, but I may have to retrace my steps since it has happened before where I got through to a point in the game before they actually fixed the issue, but didn't say anything.

    [Of course, after I type this up, I revisit the phone and there is a new added message that wasn't there previously....]
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  9. Moagim

    Moagim Active Agent

    Yes, in the phone of the Hookshot IT Admin...

    ... there is a message talking about the IP adress and login info for a server containing HR information. Notice that default login is used and that all four companies you are investigating seem to have something in common - perhaps they have similar arrangements in their own network. The connection you are looking for should then be easy to establish.
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  10. alphabravo

    alphabravo New Agent

    Could someone give me a hint for the level 2 password I believe that I have cracked the dot in the image but that's no the password?
  11. archdruidardanos

    archdruidardanos Active Agent

    Hello fellow analysts,

    i can confirm no bug in that mission - it worked well.


    I guess your are refering to Chapter 4.

    All the passwords are related to the John Milton Poem "Paradise Lost". At least those for Level01 to 04.

    They are presented in "encrypted" from via those files found in the corresponding folders. Best to compare the pictures and find some kind of numbering which should lead you the way how to read the pictures...

    Best luck to all of you
  12. andrea

    andrea Active Agent

    thanks man!! you help me!
  13. andrea

    andrea Active Agent

    WOW this mission is AMAZING! completed!
  14. PojectDoom

    PojectDoom Active Agent

    I seem to be stuck in chapter 2 task 3, and can't seem where to go.
    I have found Carl Hoffman and gained entry into his PC and found a file that shows all the companies he works with
    , but from here I am stumped on where/what to do next.

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