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    Thanks to the hard work of agents,
    we minimized casualties from the riot in Durban, ZA, and successfully extracted a key target.

    In the past week, the Global Agents Network performed comprehensive recon on key points of interest and High Value Targets across Africa. Our intrusion efforts allowed the Agency to gain key intel which led to a field operation in New York, NY to intercept an enemy message - giving us an early warning of the trigger event planned in Durban, ZA.


    Our strike teams were deployed across Durban in preparation for the attack. With the help of the Global Agents Network on the COM Division, we successfully identified, located, and protected all HVTs in the area, and were able to quickly and precisely pinpoint the location of the two targets. We gained the support of both the South African Police Service, who then in turn offered us police assets as part of our cooperation. As riots began to get out of hand, we traded the assets given to us by SAPS (tear gas and stun grenades) to a key member of the Abahlali baseMjondolo for their help in containing the riots. Luckily, we were able to contact a member of the Abahlali baseMjondolo that was not on the Rhopa payroll and enemy was not notified of our actions.


    As we honed in on one of the victims of exposure, we lost sight of the other riot, but thanks to the cooperation of SAPS and the abM member Asad Sadid Touma, that riot was contained. We successfully used chloroform and a ground unit vehicle to extract the target to a nearby mobile lab.

    In the lab, initial analysis of the target had a bizarre occult signature that we pinpointed as the ultimate cause of the trigger, a website called The Crimson Library. It appears that Rhopagroup had found the site on the dark web and had been using The Crimson Library’s mind altering effects, which apparently has mind control effects on anybody who views it.


    We have begun a Special Operation to discover more about these links and the group responsible, codenamed ALONE IN THE DARK WEB.

    Enter the following word in the Situation room to claim your steam achievement:
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    First one to spot the Nigerian Prince gets a medal.
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    I've got Mbuji-mayi. I can't find internet cafes, but there are 3 hotels with wifi, so I'm gonna hope that's close enough.
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    Already got two, should I copy and paste the forms and keep going?
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    Get as much intel as you can, Goldwing.
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    Somehow facebook includes normal cafe with internet as internet cafe. Do they counts?
  10. Goldwing

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    This part of Africa? I'd guess any public location with Internet counts. I'm looking into all of them, I'll see if I can tell which is which later.
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    Got nice triangle surrounding the airport from 3 cyber cafes in Ouagadougou. Now, I'm just wondering to include those normal cafes or not.
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    Interesting, I was also assigned Lusaka Zambia. I don't do FaceBook but I Google which provided for me only one hit that claimed to be an internet cafe (iConnect iCafe) and none of the others that you found. Only wide criteria searches such as "lusaka cafe" found many of the same hits as you.

    I think what I've learned here is that for locations catering primarily to social media connectivity, search in social media.
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    Here's my report for Mbuji-Mayi. I found the airport and a bank. Couldn't find any other HVTs, but I'm guessing there's more banks due to the diamond trade there. I found 3 hotels with iwifi, as i mentioned above. I found FB posts about internet cafes, but no info on actual locations. I attached my report to this post.

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    I had trouble finding information on internet cafes in my city as well. I eventually only submitted information on two HVTs, that happened to have one cafe between them. I'm not sure if it's just the lack of information in this area, or the fact that I don't speak the local language(s)...
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    Quick lore speculation: I wasn't there for it, but the Almanac mentioned a previous Live Event from Season 1 with an occult computer virus. Whatever we're looking for here, I'm guessing it's in a similar vein.

    EDIT: Not the prerelease live event, I was thinking of something in one of the training documents for Season 2.
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    Bluecrush? Gods I hope not. We did have a version of it that we used in season 2 for totally ethical purposes though.
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    This seems more like a Kingsman situation.
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