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  1. MrPayday

    MrPayday New Agent

    Unfortunately I have not received a phone call, unlike all others (I'm clearance level Yellow too). Any others who haven't received a call yet?
  2. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    No worries, I haven't received one either - and my phone number is also confirmed.
    Who is called and who isn't is, in cases like these, chosen at random more often than not - as they can't logistically call every Agent on every occasion. Doesn't mean that you've been overlooked or that your phone number isn't correct, just that your turn will come. :)
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  3. Corvunix

    Corvunix Active Agent

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  4. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    I found the credentials for my actual account on the forum, so, hi.
  5. Smillia

    Smillia Senior Agent

    Possible ideas for podcasting- Thelema, the Typhonian Order, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (which we've had some links to previously), Left Hand path. I'm really tossing around the notion that the Church of the Dark Sun is an opposite version of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  6. wyrme

    wyrme Active Agent

    two things make the "opposition" of Golden Dawn, almost an automatic is first the name itself, and the inclusion of Left hand philosophies. The images of the names are almost anethema to each other, and even with the off shoots included Golden Dawn followers (and spin off leaders) were at most "grey magic(k)ians". Where as left hand heavily implies my gain at all cost "black" magics. Esoterics has more grey area than white and black combined. With a good enough High Priest (read: salesman) almost any action can be sold as an act for the betterment of <insert subjects favored group/ideal>. That was a very long winded, I second your feeling. I also agree with the suggestions, as with good couching they would all add validity(sp?) , and a seemingly sympathetic voice.
    -the wyrme crawls out-
  7. Markoff

    Markoff Active Agent

    Well sorry guys, I got the email today and before I registered for this forum went ahead and created a fake persona on gmail & twitter (markoff train) and then researched and posted to the blog the following which is still being reviewed by moderators according to the site:

    Ted, on behalf of the Society of the Inner Light, real practitioners of the Hermetic Path and Esoteric arts, and the general public I am asking you to stop this farce immediately.

    I can’t imagine what your angle is, other than attention mongering or simply story telling from a drug addled mind, but you need to stop and come clean that this is all just a big joke.

    Searching for your name, or the Knowlton Brothers of New Haven, or The Seekers, or The Seekers of the Ra, or the Church of the Dark Sun on google leads to nothing; which in itself puts to serious questions your little story.

    But you really put your foot in your mouth with this claim, “In mid-2004, the Church became a tax exempt religious group within the States, and started weekly meetings in cities across the Eastern Seaboard.” You see, that is a really easy to verify FACT, as this article from eHow describes:

    eHow – Search Tax Status Database

    Which leads to this tool to search the IRS database:

    Let me be the first to drop the truth bomb…There is no Church of the Dark Sun, or any organization with the words ‘dark sun’ in the name which is tax exempt, or has ever been tax exempt, or which has been denied tax exempt status in the United States. So what gives Ted? Why are you lying to us, and what else in your story is a lie?

    Finally, you make reference to the Hermetic order and Thelemic themes. As it happens I am affiliated with a real mystery school, the Society of the Inner Light, which keeps track of all organizations worldwide of any size practicing the Hermetic arts. Making false claims of affiliation with this grand mystery tradition is something I suggest you do not make lightly.

    We are watching you.

    Society of the Inner Light


    I also replied to each of his tweets with basically insults, and did a short skeptic reply to his first blog entry. I won't post again until I hear from the community. Next mission I'll check what's up here and in IRC first.

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  8. Greenhead

    Greenhead Senior Agent

    I think it's good. Fact-checking the IRS claims is a very nice touch.
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  9. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    Dive in
    Sorry already had. Will check in with you next time first.
  10. Smillia

    Smillia Senior Agent

    I think we all read "TROLL SPAM YAY FUN!" and ran with it. :D Oooops? Do we need to keep track of aliases for any reason?
  11. Cestan

    Cestan Active Agent

    Would be wise. Seeing you might want to build up the persona with multiple posts. Goal is destroying his perceived credibility, not just blocking conversation in the comments.
  12. Fleta

    Fleta New Agent

    Was looking at this angle last night and came across this:
    Churches, Integrated Auxiliaries, and Conventions or Associations of Churches

    I think there are some exemption-eligible churches that might not be in that database, though his language implies that they're IRS-recognized.
  13. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    I'll put together a rough script and run it by y'all either here or in the IRC before I post it anywhere. :)
  14. ChilePete

    ChilePete Guest

    Dispatch really need to start rotating who they use for phone calls, bought on day one of early access, have had a single confirmation phone call and nothing more, while others have receieved 4+ phone calls in the same time or less....
    Not a fan of preferential treatment for others, not when I paid my money too.
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  15. riningear

    riningear Division-79

    That IRS check was actually a pretty good idea, probably one of the smarter approaches because it involves fact-destroying, which is a part of ruining credibility. Even if it wades a bit close to real-reality... :)
  16. Markoff

    Markoff Active Agent

    Agreed about the close to reality comment. I'm not sure what level of realism to maintain, and I figured the writers/organizers would try to keep things as real as possible.

    Another possible angel is to note that the domain for the blog was only registered two days ago, which could back up the angle of a rapid publicity stunt rather than valid documentary journalism...

  17. MERCury

    MERCury Senior Agent

    I think Markoff already put together quite some things that should provoke a reaction. So not a bad post ;)
    Getting a deeper look into his history now...
    Anyways I guess we should have some people create fake personas in the working area our target claims to be. What does our guide say: Make him care about your negative comments.
  18. Smillia

    Smillia Senior Agent

    Since Ted's current name is obviously an alias, to protect the association of his other work with this dangerous business, do we have any leads on his actual identity?
  19. Smillia

    Smillia Senior Agent

    I've got one fake persona created, but I've been approaching him initially as someone who has had some prior contact with the Church. Any ideas on how to build validity with him? She's a 'lost soul looking for the way' type.
  20. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne Active Agent

    I don't mean to question dispatch, but you know-- I am going to do it anyway. I feel like a smear campaign would probably be the last thing we should do in a case like this. Benwall is a journalist, a smear campaign would probably result in several different things.

    1) Benwall notices he is getting attention and exposure because of all the fake comments, haters and followers. Bad PR is still PR.
    2) Because of the criticism and the hate, Benwall will become even more determined to get the word out.
    3) It becomes more likely that he is going to find "proof" and publish it.

    Sure, his reputation could be damaged and he could lose face, but I think he might be using an alias anyway, so I don't think we can hurt him this way. Now I don't really know any alternatives yet, but I just don't think this is the way to go.

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