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    Hey guys. So I was going through my pigeonhole at HQ earlier and it seems I've been sent what looks like an important letter from my doppelganger. He says he's hidden some important files on a USB stick around HQ, but I can't figure out where! I thought I'd post it here and see if any of you could figure it out!

    To: Agents of The Black Watchmen
    From: Agent Dylanalike
    Subject: 69 6d 67 75 72 2e 63 6f 6d 2f 66 68 4f 64 65 66 34

    Hello again Agents!
    Long time no see, but I need your help!
    For those who didn't meet me before, I am Agent Dylanalike, a double of the Dylan from your world. I was brought to your universe through an accident involving rift energy.
    I helped out at your HQ for a while - including cleanig up after "someone" let a Pagan goddess loose. Recently, however, I've been undertaking a mission by myself. It seems that someone has been summoning entities across the globe. I've been tracking them down but I've hit a roadblock.
    That's where you guys come in. There are some files on my laptop at HQ that I believe will assist me during my mission. I need you to log on and send them through to me.
    Of course, I won't hand out my password to anyone, and I especially won't write it in a letter! Who knows who might get their hands on this? Luckily I prepared for this. I left a USB stick somewhere in HQ that will give you everything you need to figure out my password. It may be a good idea to help each other, I'll need as many of you as possible on board if I am to succeed.
    Also ask Agent Dylan for help if you need it. He isn't as useless as he seems (well, not all the time anyway!)
    So, just to recap: Find where in HQ I hid the files. Use them to figure out the password to log on to my laptop.
    I appreciate any help I can get!
    - Agent Dylanalike



    Hey guys, Dylan here!
    As some of you may know, I've recently taken a huge interest in puzzle hunts. These are competitions where you're presented with a load of puzzles of various themes and styles. Solving them gives answers, and these answers can then be put together in one big final puzzle to get the solution. The MIT Hunt is probably the most well known of these.

    I wanted to try and see if I could create a sandbox which incorporates puzzle hunt styled puzzles but still maintains the Black Watchmen theme. Throughout this sandbox you'll be solving typical puzzles such as sudokus, crosswords and wordsearches (although they're usually much harder than standard ones and can even include clever twists!) alongside puzzles that you'd find in The Black Watchmen such as identifying creatures and items, and solving codes including braille, morse and hex!

    I also wanted to try and maintain the sense of community that comes with playing a season of The Black Watchmen. I'd imagine many players haven't taken part in a puzzle hunt before, so it could be a brand new experience to them. Solving this sandbox with help from each other could be much more rewarding than trying to go it alone. Some of the puzzles can be tricky, and it can seem like there are no more leads to follow. I highly recommend working with each other (and even myself if you're totally lost!) to get through it.

    Each mission set in this sandbox will take the form of a metapuzzle. During the mission set you'll be solving some puzzles which will each give you an answer (usually thematic to the puzzles). These answers must then be combined in some way to get the final solution to the mission set and advance along the story.

    I'm currently about halfway through the first mission set, I just thought I'd make a forum post to gauge interest in this sandbox! A few people have tested some of the puzzles that have already been completed. Here's some of the nice things they've said:

    "yay that was fun... so how much am I getting paid to say this?" - LogThatData
    "that's amazing" - Greenstar
    "yeah that definitely works as a puzzle" - ManyPinkHats
    "puzzle's great :D" - Benzo
    "I'm confused" - Steve

    Here's a small teaser of things to come in the first set of puzzles!
    There's also a puzzle hidden in the letter above that's ready to be solved now!

    Let me know if you have any feedback or questions so far! I look forward to presenting this sandbox for you all.
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    seriously though, I'm waiting for that cash
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    bird pics tho
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    *caw intensifies*

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