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    Welcome to Operation Dawn Bloom!


    What is this?

    It is a persistent live event leading into Season 3, and a sort of experiment. It will change and evolve to explore a variety of Alternate Reality Game elements in an effort to gather data about the interests of this community.

    Story wise, it is about mysterious radio signals that the agency wants to investigate while racing against other factions from The Black Watchmen universe.

    How can I join?

    A: Email [email protected], ask to get involved and we will connect you to where the action is.

    B: Follow the forums in Live Events for updates and links to player research or opinion.

    C: Join the Discord Alternate Reality Games for live NPCs in the Dawn Bloom Channel and a large community engaged in all kinds of fun. Hang out, play game, make a friend. You can find the Discord on the forums or by emailing [email protected]

    Who is Lovent Group?

    We’re a trans-media company and art collective who have a strong passion for community building and storytelling. It is also a place you can get involved with all kinds of projects, and mostly have fun. We wrote the text story of Ahnayro, and are involved with A&S on some other things. Find us!

    How can I contact you guys?

    We can be contacted via email, forum, or discord.

    Contact Info:

    Email: [email protected]

    Discord: Look for Liaison or Control in the Dawn Bloom Channel!
    Forum: Message Dawn Bloom, it’s a user on the forums!

    What are the goals of the mission?

    Follow the narrative at the pace of the community, experiment, explore, and ultimately work together to resolve crisis as they appear.

    Story wise? Without too many spoilers, over the next six months an increasingly time sensitive situation will become evident that involves way more then just the Discord NPCs, and how you as a community choose to act will determine the shape of the narrative. There is way more out there then you have found already.

    Which individuals and organizations are involved?
    The ARG of this game has a very open narrative, and it is safe to say that most if anything you are aware of could come into play. It is a matter of how players drive the narrative.

    Brief summary of the events so far

    A special task force was formed on Dec. 14th 2016 to investigate impossible AM radio signals.

    They ended up investigating Montauk due to a concurrent SSTV Signal which behaved in sequence with the AM Signal, but only about 400 miles around Camp Hero.

    They receive the Cycle Message, a coded message that the team could not decipher on their own.

    They ask agents in Division 79 to aid them, and after much research, work, a second transmission, and several of our own transmissions (made by players) it becomes clear that someone or something is calling for aide.

    Recently, the Agents have created a fake signal in an attempt to draw out whomever has compromised the investigation. It could be Sigil, or Rhopa Group but it may just be some kids with a ham radio. The choice of how to use this trap has become the focal point of discussion while we wait for a reply to our latest transmission.

    I recommend the Wiki (you can find it) which has a huge amount of information, or to find Liaison in Discord.

    Was there any mention of Q98A66 before Dawnbloom?

    None, it is a group of agents/actors just like you who have little to no knowledge of what is really happening. Their job/role is to dispense content and organize events. They have no authority or agenda beyond the Operation.

    Do I need to have played TBW content before?

    No and it is a great way to dive into the action, the content is growing in diversity daily as players continue to make progress. The lore and world of The Black Watchmen is discussed and explored as veterans and newbies work together to solve the crisis. It doesn’t ignore or spoil S1/S2/MR/AiTDW but expands on those events.

    Lovent is also very down to hangout with you or schedule group play through of the content, and you do not need a copy of the client to join us. You just have to ask nicely in Discord.

    Can we contact people outside of The Black Watchmen? Like Peter Moon?

    So an ARG is a game where you play a fictionalized version of yourself in a narrative you are supported in. If you want to explore a topic or involve a person/place/ or thing that isn’t introduced by Lovent then it is likely you are walking out of the fiction and into the Reality Game part.

    In short terms, you can talk to who you want to about whatever and we encourage it, but if you want to involve something or bring someone who doesn’t understand it is a game into the narrative then we ask that you please talk to us first by emailing [email protected]

    We want everyone to have a safe experience, and we also want to allow you to add and explore as much as possible!

    A Final Note from the Creative Director at Lovent,

    Hey, o7, soon trademark or something… we’ve been talking with A&S for a while about various different projects or live events, and everyone was really excited when this project (called the ‘Expedition’ back then) got started after A&S didn’t end up going to NY Comic Con. We had this whole sleep clinic installed in the garment district with bodies, computers to hack, and live feed cameras but at the last minute it had to be called off.

    Lovent Group and A&S got together to take that stuff we all made and redesign a kind of experiment as we all waited for Season 3. The big focus was to create a persistent environment with some hidden surprises that I won’t ruin now. Jarobi and Anashel are obsessed with what makes games fun and interactive while also what makes the community cohesive and exciting. This DawnBloom (Blame A&S for that name) is meant to give you a space to express your interests in what content an ARG should have, what narrative the world should explore, and how involved you want to be in it. It’s a very unique opportunity, we at Lovent are also hungry for that data, and so we decided that for Six Months we would support the experience (Actors, Design, and infrastructure) at no cost to the entire community. While we learn about your interests and how they shape the future, we hope you enjoy this experience.

    Seriously, jump in and look around, read up on the stuff players are writing about it, and most of all get ready for each Full or New Moon as we add more content. First and Last Cycles dump about 7 to 8 hidden files out in the Web, happy hunting, the truth is out there.

    Keenly Watching,

    Charles Ferris, CD Lovent Group
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    No, Dawnbloom ended several months ago. However, we have a new live mission starting up soon- tomorrow, actually!
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    Ok, thats nice too! Thanks Codex :)

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