Operation Claustrophobia [Sandbox]

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  1. LogThatData

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    Hey guys,

    Agent LogThatData here. I've been mass-distributing this message because I have a bit of a ghost problem, thanks to a certain prankster known as Agent Rushler. He left puzzle trails on sticky notes on my desk, but I'm too busy with other stuff to be able to solve it (I did try, though). At the end of each trail you should get the name of one of the three demons, or at least something alluding to their name. I just need the names, then I can find out how to get rid of them.

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  2. LogThatData

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    If you have questions, feel free to ask here or send me a message on Discord
  3. Chaoseed

    Chaoseed Special Agent

    Well I solved the three "first tier" puzzles, but the others are giving me trouble...(I guess that means the difficulty goes up in a good curve? ;) )

    It sounds like a fairy tale, that's easy enough, and the other stuff has a pretty obvious encoding...except for the last bit after "https:". It doesn't seem to be any encoding that I'm familiar with, and there's no obvious pattern to the numbers...they're all below 128, which is interesting, but I suspect I'm supposed to get a URL of an image out of this, but I'm not sure how.

    Do I really have to read through all these pages? I'm only on the second book! o_O

    Does all this stuff have to do with the play? I've never actually read it...I got as far as "ZU?PR?G" and I have no idea if I'm even close.

    The image is pretty mysterious, too. It doesn't seem to be a sound file OR an electronics schematic. (Is the blurry bit on the left a clue, or just an artifact of the way it was made?
  4. LogThatData

    LogThatData Moderator

    for the first and the third, the title holds a clue, for the second one, all the pages have a common element. The content might be less important than you think ;)
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  5. Rushler

    Rushler Active Agent

    Oh, what surprise, it seems to me
    you're attempting to use trickery.
    I left you these puzzles to solve alone
    but instead you have proven a phony crone
    Alas I shall still keep my word
    And when their names the ghosts have heard
    They'll be gone, but I'll remember
    What I saw on the 3rd of September...
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  6. LogThatData

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    Rushler's last message (the following) is not relevant for the puzzles, it's just a bit of backstory for possible follow-ups

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