Operation Blind Angel

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    On phone. Power just went out due to tornadoes in the area. Will upload after power returns.
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    Update from dispatch
    Div66_Dispatch Agents Div66_Dispatch
    Div66_Dispatch The collection of transmissions across the world was a partial success.
    Div66_Dispatch Our technical team is in the process of decoding 3 of the 4 messages that appear to be sent by Subject H2DL3K.
    KakuzenPhone Extra footage sent to Dispatch just now from me. Any new info might be held in the recording.
    Div66_Dispatch Agent Kakuzen, we will send your footage to the technical team for analysis.
    Div66_Dispatch We expect a report back from them shortly. We will then send out an updated mission briefing on the usual channels.
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    Edited @raul_ct post. No need for spoilers in Live missions
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  5. Santiak

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  7. MidDipper

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    There's a webpage that ends in /amelia, so it's safe to say I'm dead.
  8. LionOfComarre

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    Currently accessing this on my phone, so not sure how it shows up on a PC and if it's more obvious there, but

    if I highlight the glowing symbols on the pages linked on the alternate accounts, it marks it as normal readable text I can copy, and it contains the names of the angels.

    First two are Micrathon and Sitael.
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  9. MidDipper

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    Also if you view the source of the page, or view it in internet explorer.
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  10. LionOfComarre

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  11. LionOfComarre

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    Just a thought, but does Lauviah have any followers on twitter that aren't us? Could give us a lead on more cultists.
  12. dylanamite

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  13. Treble

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    Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to take a passive roll on this. Tests and a long drive ahead have conspired to make me AFK for the majority of yesterday and today. I'll hopefully be able to join you guys tomorrow for however this turns out.
  14. MidDipper

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    It's ok, we're tearing through it anyway. :)
  15. skobee

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    I'm not seeing any current objective or what needs to be worked on? Is it somewhere other than IRC and here?
  16. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    We're mostly working on it in a group in the IRC, but what we're supposed to be doing is
    taking the clues from Lauviah's twitter to find different accounts (nine of them) that will tell us what angels he is planning to summon.
  17. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Just a heads up to anyone joining in. The OP is as of this post updated with the latest info - we're currently on "Phase 2". Archive code for mission briefing is stated right under it, and current progress on the respective phase can be seen below.

    Once a phase is completed, I'll try to wrap it in spoiler tags to hopefully provide an easier overview. :)
  18. Anya

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    Im so stumped on 5 -.- and cant figure out how to use twitter for 6...the answer I have is right...but no page is coming up
  19. dylanamite

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    If that's for the leg one, we've already solved it on the IRC!
  20. Anya

    Anya New Agent

    IRC?..sorry Im VERY new to this

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