Operation Blind Angel

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    For the sake of maintaining overview, I'll add each 'finished' section into spoiler tags:
    Also, my apologies for the occasional odd spoiler tag - forums doesn't like too many of them in the same post. Will do my best to keep it to a minimum.

    Phase 1:
    Blind Brotherhood Letter:
    Appears there are intentional spelling mistakes in each section.
    Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bNdm1BaOncBAEx9WbHDAGZ2MV56ajxLs_IXoi0lcAlQ/edit

    is Romanian, quoting Zechariah 13:7 [Credit to AFishCalledAmy]
    Original: ‘Scoală-te, sabie, asupra păstorului Meu şi asupra omului care îmi este tovarăş! zice Domnul oştirilor. Loveşte pe păstor, şi se vor risipi oile!’ Şi Îmi voi întoarce mâna spre cei mici.
    Briefing: Scoala-te, sabie, asupra partorului Meu, si asupru omului care imi este covaras! zice Domnul ostirilor. Loveste te pastor, si se vir risipi oile! Si imi voi intoarco mina spre cei nici
    --> "ructiein"

    Second is Swedish, quoting Book of Judges 2:14
    Original: upptändes HERRENS vrede mot i Israel, och han gav dem i plundrares hand, och dessa utplundrade dem; han sålde dem i deras fienders hand där runt omkring, så att de icke mer kunde stå emot sina fiender.
    Briefing: upptänbes Herrens vrede mut i Israel, och hin gav dem i plundrares hand, och lessa utplundrade dem; han sådde dem i deras fienders hand där runt omkring, så ett de icke mer kunde stå emot rina fiender
    --> "builder"

    Third is Welsh, quoting Zephania 1:3 [Smilia]
    Original: Distrywiaf ddyn ac anifail; distrywiaf adar yr awyr, a physgod y mor; a’r tramgwyddiadau ynghyd a’r annuwiolion; a thorraf ymaith ddyn oddi ar wyneb y ddaear, medd yr ARGLWYDD.
    Briefing: Distrywiaf dayn ac anifail; distrywiar adar yr awyrs, a physgod y mor; da'r tramgwyddiadau ynghyd a'r annuwielion; a thorraf ymaith ddyn oddi sar wyneb y ddaeart, medd yr Arglwydd
    --> asdest

    Fourth is German, quoting Deuteronomy 21:21 [Credit to AFishCalledAmy]
    Alternatively, 5th Moses, 21:21
    Original: So sollen ihn steinigen alle Leute der Stadt, daß er sterbe, und sollst also das Böse von dir tun, daß es ganz Israel höre und sich fürchte.Original:
    -- thewise

    Fifth is Latin, quoting Ezekiel 32:7
    Original: et operiam cum extinctus fueris caelos et nigrescere faciam stellas eius solem nube tegam et luna non dabit lumen suumOriginal:
    Briefing: et operiah cum extinctus fueras caelos et digrescere facian stellas eiuse solem nube tezam et luna non dazit Lumen suum
    -- hadnezz

    Sixth is Dutch, quoting Isaiah 13:16 [credit to Valonquar]
    Original: Ook zullen hun kinderkens voor hun ogen verpletterd worden; hun huizen zullen geplunderd, en hun vrouwen geschonden worden.
    -- ofnebuc

    Update from Dispatch, provided by Agent nikel:

    Phase 2:
    Briefing: F62C68
    Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bNdm1BaOncBAEx9WbHDAGZ2MV56ajxLs_IXoi0lcAlQ/edit

    1st Account: https://twitter.com/lauviah1111
    2nd Account [Kakuzen/Santiak]: https://twitter.com/tikbalang4398
    3rd Account [Lankin]: https://twitter.com/pacullaannia495

    4th Account [MidDipper]: https://twitter.com/wendigo3287
    5th Account: https://twitter.com/collyerbrothers
    6th Account: https://twitter.com/kashimareiko859
    7th Account:https://twitter.com/adextirpanda165
    8th Account: https://twitter.com/hhholmes3850
    9th Account: https://twitter.com/guineapigfilms1
    10th Account: https://twitter.com/jonathanwild187

    Text on sites
    - appears to be written in Theban.
    2nd and 3rd Decoded by nikel, rest can be found in source-code:

    2nd: The angel known as Sitael is called. Sitael cometh, rejoice. Halls fill with silence, no scream can be heard
    3rd: The angel known as Michrathon is called. Michrathon cometh, rejoice. Blood from the throat, fingernails crack
    4th: The angel known as Bohel is called. Bohel cometh, rejoice. Limbs rotten, bones broken.
    5th: The angel known as Hanahel is called. Hanahel cometh, rejoice. Teeth forced from the mouth, the curse grows
    6th: The angel known as Samyhel is called. Samyhel cometh, rejoice. No room for screams
    7th: The angel known as Adriel is called. Adriel cometh, rejoice. Laughing turns to weeping
    8th: The angel known as Neciel is called. Neciel cometh, rejoice. Dark footsteps approach, they come closer
    9th: The angel known as Commutaf is called. Commutaf cometh, rejoice. Your curse grows stronger, be wary of mirrors
    10th: The angel known as Dardihel is called. Dardihel cometh, rejoice. Feet fell into that dark swamp

    Page URL extensions:
    2nd: Amelia
    3rd: Arthfael
    4th: Blaise
    5th: Emil
    6th: Geremiah
    7th: Julia
    8th: Katsu
    9th: Marcel
    10th: Severin

    Phase 3:
    1. Action required:
    Perform communication ritual to warn the dead not to rise under the command of Lauviah [Subject H2DL3K.]

    2. Background:
    Lauviah [Subject H2DL3K], a former member of the inner circle of the secret society known as the Blind Brotherhood, stole their prized possession, the Liber Juratus Honorii, a powerful book of magic written by Honorius of Thebes.

    3. Update:
    Our agents uncovered evidence that Subject H2DL3K plans to use a necromancy ritual after midnight on 31/10/15, in London, UK, to gather the forces of the dead to help him wage a crusade against the current leadership of the Blind Brothership and society at large.

    We have informed the Brotherhood of Subject H2DL3K’s plans, and they have provided us with a clear means of halting his ritual. We must warn the dead not heed his command.

    4. Recommendation:
    (a) Perform the the communication ritual [the instructions are under Archive call number AK3G57] at sunset on 31/10/15 in your local area of operations. Instructions on crafting a paper vessel can be found here [http://goo.gl/Yx0iGS]

    (b) Send photographic evidence of the ritual to Dispatch [[email protected]].

    (c) Await further instructions from Dispatch. We will send regular updates via twitter and the IRC as more rituals are performed.
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    Just got it too.
  3. StrangerDanger

    StrangerDanger Senior Agent

    We're clicking away in the IRC right now, this thread will be used to maintain information as it is gathered.
    > https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.blackwatchmen.com/division66

    Archive Call number > X38BT4

    Current Goal: Decoding and translating the message, then reporting back.

    Update 1: The languages are presumed to be
    1) Romanian 2) Swedish 3) Welsh 4) German 5) Latin 6) Dutch

    Romanian: Zechariah 13 [AFishCalledAmy]
    Swedish: Book of Judges 2:14 [Santiak]
    Welsh: Zephaniah 1:3 [Smillia]
    German: Deuteronomy 21:21 [AFishCalledAmy]
    Latin: Ezekiel 32:7 [AgentRan]
    Dutch: Isaiah 13:16 [Valonquar]
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  4. Greenstarfanatic

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    For ideas towards the Cryptobin, we have:
    • Numbers for bible verses lead to password, either just straight up as numbers, or translated to letters.
    • Spelling mistakes lead to password, either via the individual letters, or the words that are misspelled.

    I'll update this with more ideas as they come.
  5. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

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  6. Ryvian

    Ryvian Active Agent

    Verse numbers do not work as password or in ASCII to Hex.
  7. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    So just a short update on what we managed to do on the IRC:

    - We noticed each passage had spelling mistakes in them.
    - Noting down these mistakes, we got "RUCTIEIN" "BUILDER" "ARDYEST" "THEWISE" "HADNEZZ" and "OFNEBUC"
    - We played around with these trying to get them in order. Nikel pointed out two made "Of Nebuchadnezzar" and mentioned "destruction".
    - I pieced together the final thing: "The wise builder of Nebuchadnezzar's destruction"
    - After researching, I found Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Solomon's Temple.
    - The key to the cryptobin was Solomon.

    Brothers, I now control His word. The remaining Inner Circle is powerless without it. Join me and we shall use His wisdom to guide and unite all the Lord’s children. My message will play for eleven seconds across the world for all our Brothers to see and hear. Prepare yourselves at the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour in the evening, on the eleventh channel, on the day of the feast of St Narcissus. Come together across the globe and heed my call.

    Got a reply from Dispatch:

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  8. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    10:06 Eastern U.S. Time
    <Div66_Dispatch> Agents
    <Div66_Dispatch> Division 66 wished to relay their appreciation for the speed of your work.
    <Div66_Dispatch> We must now intercept the message of H2DL3K
    <Div66_Dispatch> The mission briefing has been updated.
    Div66_Dispatch> Details in Archive under call number N399D5.
  9. LionOfComarre

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    Man, you guys are quick. Curse you timezones, making me miss all the fun.

    As for the next one, I don't have TV. :/ Time to visit the girlfriend I think.
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  10. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I've clarified with dispatch, any means of watching your local channel 11 and recording will work, on a TV or livestream. If you don't have a TV check to see if livestream is an option.
  11. Vorticity

    Vorticity Senior Agent

    What is 'local channel 11' ? Europe doesn't use numbered channels.

    Is there a fixed band/frequency for Channel 11? Maybe I can find out what would have been Channel 11.... :)

    Eidt: Ah...

    Channel 11 corresponds to 198-204 MHz on the VHF Band III

    ... Which seems not be in use here, though I've seen lists with other frequencies..... I hope it's ok to pick whatever I have stored at preset 11 :D
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  12. WhiskyJack

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    Who should I be following on Twitter to get the scheduled update on twitter at 14:00 utc after I upload my recording?
  13. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Not on twitter, hop on the IRC at that time(14:00 UTC 10/30). Someone will likely post a transcript here if you can't make it.
  14. WhiskyJack

    WhiskyJack Active Agent

    Thanks, latest Briefing mentioned update will be delivered via IRC and Twitter at 14:00. Twitter I could check IRC not so much I'll check back here anyway as I won't be able to get on IRC. Dosn't matter to much, just didn't want to be missing a source of info
  15. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Oh, huh, I didn't even see that. Well, twitter is @division66
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  16. dylanamite

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    I had planned to do this during the Season 2 Live Events, but I guess I can make a start on this one!
    Regular update/recap videos throughout the Mission to help Agents catch up (or for future players to get an overview of what the Live Events are like).

    Here's the first one for Operation Blindangel

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  17. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    you should try recording with a light source that isn't your computer screen.
  18. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Sent my recording of Channel 11 to Dispatch and got this as a reply.

  19. insomn14

    insomn14 Active Agent

    Transmission from Denver area channel 11 sent in to Dispatch. I imagine 20 different stations is an easily obtainable number.
  20. Atreides

    Atreides Senior Agent

    Eleven confirmed and nine more missing. Just one hour for debriefing, are we too close to deadline for success?

    Hope we are not.


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