Open World Campaign: November, Mission 1

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Enoch52, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    Yeah I cant go any further here either. I get a load of xkeyscore stuff and then just get stuck.
  2. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    I am still stuck at the very start, would appreciate a hint.
    I used sfuzzer and osint for and, got 4 resp. 6 subdomains, none vulnerable. Also tried a password attack on all the subdomains with user fdupuis (for and all other of these subdomains) and @fdupuis and fdupuis as user for the workchat subdomains. Or is there another way to access her network?
  3. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    What type of service does one of those domains provide?
  4. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    Thanks, but two hours later I am still stuck. Maybe I don't know all functionalities of the given tools...when I have the right subdomain, can I go straight to one of the intrusion tools or do I have to use it for further information gathering?
  5. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    You do use one of the intrusion tools. although as far as I know its not used at any other point.
    Its too late for me to think up sublte hints so spoilers etc
    the social engineering toolkit
  6. Gilgamesh0306

    Gilgamesh0306 Active Agent

    Thank you a lot, that would have been the very last tool I would have thought of - especially as in another mission this has been the explicit recommendation in the briefing.
  7. Hermler

    Hermler New Agent

    Hi. I could use some help on the syntax of the first part of the mission.

    At the social engineering toolkit, I have use to build the email database various versions of the target, without any success. I tried dictionary and manual entry too, without much success. Could someone message me with the correct syntax for the database building?
  8. Moagim

    Moagim Active Agent

    Use manual entry, email of Flora Dupuis is in her CV that you get in the TBW Archive
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  9. Phaid

    Phaid Active Agent

    I didn't even do that. Built the database from the target domain and just used her name as the sender.
  10. Nioreh

    Nioreh Active Agent

    I'm at the same stage and have no idea what to combine :/
    Any hints for me? :)
  11. Radeon

    Radeon Active Agent

    I assume you just found the guestlist.
    From my notes:
    XKEY delivers guest list
    • Hint from briefing document: OSINT a.k.a. google
    Mounir Mahjoubi
    Florence Parly
    General secretary of the Élysée Palace:
    Alexis Kohler
  12. R4Ki

    R4Ki Active Agent

    You might wanna check your briefing one more time, Phase 3. Look for people who could match the clues listed.
  13. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    Did that, read more french policy reports than any sane person should, none of the people mentioned were in the search results.
  14. Moagim

    Moagim Active Agent

    You got the guestlist already, right? If so
    you need to identify three people in the French government that are involved in the areas of digital policy, security/defense and personnel decisions. For example if you google the current composition of the French government, you should be able to find the right people pretty fast.

    Additional info (large spoiler)
    Two of the people you are looking for are ministers, one is an aide to the president
  15. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    I did, Cant remember how I got it now. Had a sleep since I last did it, will need to basically redo what I did.
  16. archdruidardanos

    archdruidardanos Active Agent

    Hi fellow analysts,

    i am confused by the the xKeyscore data i get from the guestlist - i read the the preceding posts. But any combination of the person i match will not lead anyway further.

    I am sure about this:

    Minster of Defence = Florence Parly
    Minister of Digital Affairs = Mounir Mahjoubi

    ID and Records

    The only person i see close enough to be a aide or has staffing responsibilty is Flora Dupius unless i miss some description on the government page from mission briefing, or any of my additional google hits …

    Only thing i didn't look deeper into was this via spear phising , sfuzzer and fingerprint to the subdomains brought nothing worthwhile

    thanks and see cu
  17. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    you need one more entity. Did you write down the guest list entities? start at the top. should get a hit pretty quickly
  18. Hermler

    Hermler New Agent

    Okay, found the problem. Your turbine C-2 has to be connected to the Nite team 4 host before it will act properly. And I was wondering why it mentioned that in the briefing.
  19. archdruidardanos

    archdruidardanos Active Agent

    I know that - but with all the info i got there is no candidate which matches the other two. Meanwhile i got another hint from a different source in web - which leads me to the "secured file".

    But i still try to figure out how i should have get that person from the given details in first place - due to the guest list just pushed entities into xKeyscore and was not displayed as document itself - so the name of the person was shrouded be other entities already inside the xKeyscore database.

    Alexis K.

    And from the osint search via government page and other wiki articles it was not clear with the hint of "staffing decisions" - so i just try to understand what would have helped or not - to avoid such effects in the future. Anyway i will proceed as soon as possible with the next step to get to the info need for Mission 1.

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  20. CasperOrillian

    CasperOrillian Active Agent

    That was helpful archdruid thank you. actuall making some form of progress now!
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