open world campaign Delicate Drive?

Discussion in 'General' started by genetix, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. genetix

    genetix Active Agent

    It says launch october 5th (tomorrow)

    Does this mean it's not playable yet?

    I enjoyed the game a lot but although lots of people seem to be playing a lot of missions I just, I don't see these other missions. I just purchased the game off steam, not sure if there part of some alpha/beta/backers build I don't have or?

    I wanted to do the open world campaign but with that launch date I wasn't sure it was even playable. I did access the briefing document, archive document with info but i'm stuck and i just wanted to make sure the mission was doable right now.

    archive got me email address phone mac/vendor and makes you aware of domain phone tool got me in phone. doing dns tool checks found 4 subdomains all secure. tried connecting to customerlogin.makadon via hydra, no go, tried the others no go.

    tried a email phishing attack on the supplied email, though i've no idea how to do it and tutorial isn't avaiable, jsut the first two kinds. just kind of guessed.

    used word doc, sales subject and a contact from the phones text messages. no go.

    Tried longer dns runs, no change.

    tried password attack on
    with username asasastume invalid form.
    I feel like maybe i'm doing something slightly wrong there not sure. though I think if that was doable i'd be able to hydra to that site.

    Since I can't seem to actually start the mission, there doesn't seem to be any way to try to use xkeyscore somehow to identify other attack vectors.

    WMI Scanner isn't useful since i cant get hydra'd into a site.
    the phone indicates some wifi stuff but again, can't get into anything to try a wifi tool (not sure how to use either as far as no tutorial but trying to just use in game help)
  2. VisualAbyss

    VisualAbyss New Agent

    Same results here. Anyone can confirm that the mission is doable in the open beta right now?
  3. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    its doable in open beta, and multiple people have already finished it as well
  4. VisualAbyss

    VisualAbyss New Agent

    any hints?

    can't seem to find the target url for the password attack on [email protected] . Are there more than 4 domains/subdomains for makadon or am i barking the wrong tree here?
  5. AngelD

    AngelD Active Agent

    I've finished it, can't recall if it was open beta or early access.
  6. AngelD

    AngelD Active Agent

    Focus on Antony and his contacts
  7. Syntax

    Syntax New Agent

    So all his contacts are showing as encrypted and I have tried all the above. Is there anymore hints?
  8. Red Wraith

    Red Wraith New Agent

    Look at the messages and understand what they are about. it should give you a clear indication what happened to her and where she is. where exactly is something a google search can easily find

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