Oh Boy, I Think I Tripped The Breaker...

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  1. Osmedirez

    Osmedirez Active Agent

    Some Words
    Some Visuals
    Some Parameters
    This isn't a test. There's bold in them there hills[​IMG] .
    Hijacked circumstances become revenant magnamy.
    Good Luck. Approach with Caution. Do not pass the load.
    The connections listed here are a roadmap, their creators unaware the transit they build in definite terms.
    Forget about it, or forge about it.
    Who's clicking that pen? This isn't a contest.
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  2. Osmedirez

    Osmedirez Active Agent

  3. Osmedirez

    Osmedirez Active Agent

    The Culprit has been found. Bringing it in for interrogation immediately. Mission re-classified.


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