ODS.01 Chapter 3 - Truth Seeker

Discussion in 'Closed Beta' started by SGT Bristol, May 19, 2018.

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  1. SGT Bristol

    SGT Bristol Active Agent

    Hey just looking for some a tip on this mission. I have Gneiss's PW but do not know where to go from there or what module to use to help me with my research. Ideas? Thanks
  2. SGT Bristol

    SGT Bristol Active Agent

  3. andrea

    andrea Active Agent

    how can you access to this mission? i have only chapter 1...
  4. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    That's because you have the demo version of the game. Parts 2 and 3 are only accessible in the Closed Beta right now!
  5. Seshemw

    Seshemw Active Agent

    I've failed to get one of the PRINCE keywords, so I'm wondering what I missed. And wow, the partials definitely have an increased timer discouraging brute forcing. With just one missing, the DBs take Significant Time(tm).

    So, I'm forgetting. What other module could I have tried, potentially? Because as it happens, the password was a phrase I'd gotten through other research, so wondering if I could've put it in somewhere.
    And if someone wants to shoot me a PM to talk about the keyword I was missing, I'd love to know what I missed, and how I should've found it.
  6. ShaggyJustin

    ShaggyJustin Active Agent

    I'm stuck on the last part of this one as well. I was able to get everything except for location the weapons are being stored. I believe I have tried all the combination in XkeyScore, and even found the optional link to newsstreamlive.ca but this last task has me stumped.
    Any nudges would be greatly appreciated.
  7. mujie

    mujie Active Agent

    Which would be great if I knew how to use it...
  8. ShaggyJustin

    ShaggyJustin Active Agent

    I can use it, but I think the link is broken. When I find the item I'm supposed to download, it does download, but then nothing. Its not in my casefiles, or anywhere.
  9. ShaggyJustin

    ShaggyJustin Active Agent

    You should be able to use that by using the account name and password for the main individual in the case.
    I had to Brute force the password, but it did work
    Also, the location to browse would be the place where files are usually stored on the server.
  10. ShaggyJustin

    ShaggyJustin Active Agent

    Still no luck. I can't seem to find any tip on where to find the weapons cache. Ant nudge or tip?
  11. It was a difficult mission to figure out because when you think too "far" into the hacking and trying to decipher documents in your "tool" that you think is right but isn't is really frustrating but... It can be resolved if you think basics... do not step too far into the pool and you shall find the answer. Think how we discovered Laura's location.... that is a good hint
  12. Vorpol

    Vorpol New Agent

    Stuck on last part aswell :( Dont remember how we did found laura, has been a little bit.
  13. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    remeber that youre looking for/at a physical location, theres at least one tool youve used in the past for such a thing
  14. Vorpol

    Vorpol New Agent

    I know about the gps tool but I have no cords and xkeyscore keeps giving me the same results. Found the email linking but cant find anything on the weapons

    Edit: Literally just figured it out. Thank you!
  15. gooseuk

    gooseuk New Agent

    Could some one help, I am trying to find the weapons but have been unable to get a location for it. I know I need to use the GPS function but can't get a lat and long

    Many Thanks!
  16. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    try pulling up some files, theres bound to be something usefull hidden in them
  17. gooseuk

    gooseuk New Agent

    I have the address but not the lat and long, so confused.
  18. gooseuk

    gooseuk New Agent

    I'm an idiot, disregard lol
  19. faulty-phoenix

    faulty-phoenix New Agent

    I'm at the password cracking stage and:

    I had a hard time understanding the audio conversation with the senator (due to my hearing). I managed to get "truth", and "bible" out of it for keywords. I was wondering if there are any others to find from the audio? I just wanted to see if I can skip the extra listens.

  20. cikulisu

    cikulisu New Agent

    his profession is "___ dealer"

    ____ is a word in the name of one of his enterprises.

    full disclosure i never got the fifth one. also, some of the information is revealed in the first slide of the briefing. I think i got the password attack down to ~8 minutes or something though and first time was a success, so not too bad.
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