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Discussion in 'Suspected Missions' started by MidDipper, Jan 18, 2016.

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    So, as I've been looking for puzzle pieces, I've noticed that some information just... Doesn't line up, with anything. Ordinarily I would just write it off as clerical errors or something but it KEEPS HAPPENING. And it's driving me bananas. So I'm making a thread in the hopes that y'all can reassure me I'm not TOTALLY insane.

    So, what I have so far, and this is probably going to increase as I pore over documents...

    Opal5 Report Inconsistency
    The Opal5 Report given in Mission 11 lists a 'Willis Reed' as a casualty, however he is not listed as a missing person in the AFP Missing Persons List.

    Poorly Formatted Pie Chart
    In the Lorenz Group's funding document, from Mission 12, two of the wedges of the pie chart are labeled differently than the rest of the chart. Most of the values are written out to the first decimal, except for two which are rounded to whole numbers. 14%, and 7%. I actually went through and made a pie chart in Excel at one point to make sure that they weren't somehow magically whole numbers, and they weren't. I think they came out to like 14.3% and 7.2% respectively.

    Tobias Kuster/Jeffrey Hart
    OK, I don't know if this one is a little too 'out of character', but... Tobias Kuster, who is listed on the Lorenz Group website as their Principal Scientist and GEOINT Specialist, is actually Jeffrey Hart, a fairly well known cultural essayist and and a professor emeritus at Dartmouth College. Here's his wikipedia page if you don't believe me. All the other images seem to be clipart type deals, I found them on a bunch of other various websites, but to choose an image of Jeffrey Hart specifically for their Principal Scientist? It's weird.
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  2. Castilion

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    Suprise, they are hideing cash from the investors so no one notices the necromancy experiments in the back!
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  3. DeiDhena

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    Interestingly, Kuster/Hart is member of the Philolexian society ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philolexian_Society ), which, as the" oldest college literary society in the US", counts many important members, both in the literature and political field. The Philolexian society seems a group very well organized, with motto (Surgam = I shall rise), seal, rituals, initiation rite and a hierarchical structure, including positions called "Whip", "Sergeant at arms", "Minister of Internet truth". It seems Kuster/Hart is sort of an investigator as well: see http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2009/04/10/10-reasons-the-resurrection-really-happened.html
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  4. MochiInvasion

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    something that really bugs me is that the iglesia san martin daily timetable is formatted oddly: it starts at 12:15pm and ends at 9:25am
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  5. zaelong

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    @MochiInvasion not sure if its within reason, but it's just reversed; the table starts at the bottom and is read up to the top

    update: scratch that, the table does look weird; it starts at 12:15 and then adds up to 22:15 and then comes 9:25...

    update2: timetable f-up has been solved now....
    right now it makes sense to some people...
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  6. MidDipper

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  7. zaelong

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    it appears to have been around for some time.
    Im curious wheter it's still there, sleeping, lying in wait for the opening of a rift
  8. MidDipper

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  9. Castilion

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    I guess its time for me to reverse engineer the Triscane tech...
  10. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    it might not really be something; but in mission23 there is a referance to "Alice in wonderland" (funny how alice is used as an example in the document as well)
  11. marfish

    marfish Senior Agent

    I always saw the Alice references as an in-joke because the company behind it all is called Alice & Smith.
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  12. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    More suspiciousness w/ Lorenz.. Mission 16 had to do with a Dr. Harrison Higgins, purportedly of the Lorenz group. However, he isn't listed on their website.

    Made a map of all the major groups so far, as well.

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  13. themadhuman

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    Mid, you were not kidding about the white board-good job!
  14. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    She gets a little bit crazy about certain things...

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  15. marfish

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    Woah that's some serious whiteboarding. Impressive stuff.
    Couple things that struck me from the last revelation we got in mission 23:
    -Aconite Capital has been at the center of everything, but I feel SIGIL is going to be more of a threat to us
    -Aconite Capital got their funding from Russia, China and Iran. This is odd to me, first time we heard of them having ties with any countries.
    -There's another person in Triscane Ltd. who we haven't seen yet (I think) but was the liaison for Aconite: Beth Hallaway
    -For some reason I feel the Witches of Babelin were a coincidence. They were in Venezuela and because of their "powers" knew about rifts but I don't think they have any ties with these companies.
    -Is Gregory Letzky in custody? I can't remember what happened to him after dylanamite met with him.. I think we just let him walk, right? He is looking more suspicious though: only survivor of the Raiju event AND turns out he is the contact for Aconite. Maybe Vanburg wasn't pleasing Aconite and they got rid of them?
  16. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Gregory Letzky is not in custody as far as I know, but he's in a sort of TBW witness protection program. I actually have another list on another part of that whiteboard of 'unexplained weirdness'-- didn't take a picture but it is as follows:

    Willis Reed - OPAL5 Report
    Tobais Kuster/Jeffrey Hart - Lorenz Group
    14% 7% - Lorenz Group
    Dr. Harrison Higgins - Lorenz Group
    Gregory Letzky - Aconite/Vanburg
    Beth Hallaway - Aconite/Triscane
    Hilshire-Rift Particles - SIGIL/Triscane
    Ross Hilshire - Aconite/SIGIL

    I find it VERY suspicious that Lorenz was receiving so much funding from Aconite ("anonymously"), and then goes on two have not one questionable identity within their staff but two. Additionally I find it suspicious that the only survivor of the JADELION incident was the Aconite contact for Vanburg. My paranoia is starting to peak.
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  17. marfish

    marfish Senior Agent

    So hard to find trustworthy partners for your illegal paranormal experiments nowadays. What has the world come to.
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  18. Castilion

    Castilion Senior Agent

    Whats a mad scientist to do?
  19. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Something interesting @NoShitSherlock pointed out to me during a discussion-- the logo used by SIGIL is an Icelandic stave meant to allow you to open locks without a key: "Lásabrjótur"
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  20. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    At least now i know where i'd seen it before; i figured it was a glyph from solomons key's or something.
    But in all honesty, given that SIGIL works a lot around rifts and/or rift energy im not really surprised by this 'coincidence'.
    its all about opening things, wheter its the right way or not

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