October 2nd open world

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  1. faulty-phoenix

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    I got it as well. It didn't occur to me until I got a tip from Discord that, in addition to unlocking a vpn via a vulnerable subdomain, entering someone's phone counts as "accessing their network".
  2. Ketamine Cat

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    I uploaded the .exe but I can't access Maria's ARN files: 20181103095337_1.jpg 20181103102335_1.jpg
    (Part 2) I'm beginning to feel very dumb, how am I goofing it this hard or am I clowning myself. Or am I just going about this the wrong way?
  3. Moagim

    Moagim Active Agent

    Once you have uploaded the exe you just need to submit the confirmation code about her deportation, in order to get it from her ARN file
    a tool named after a certain ancient monster is your friend here
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  4. NeOx

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    The website is laggy ah hell... Do you now if there is another way to find the answer ?
  5. Ketamine Cat

    Ketamine Cat New Agent

    - Game resolution: 1920x1080
    - Game display mode: Fullscreen
    - Operating system: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

    Starting up part 3 per Image 1 and clicking on the "Briefing Document" icon leads to Image 2. Not sure if it's a bug but it does impede progression.

    If there's any other additional information the mods/admins need, do let me know.
    20181103172519_1.jpg Image 1​
    niteteam4 bug.PNG Image 2​
  6. Walteryx

    Walteryx New Agent

    Hi ..I'm stuck in issione 2...I cannot upload the .exe in the
    Eloy-AlienRegistryDatabase via WMI Scanner.
    I'm almost sure I did well but cannot find the correct ARN number in the registry.

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  7. niteJester

    niteJester New Agent

    I promise you it's there. It took me a good five minutes to find it, but it's there.

    What is DelicateDrive's home country?
  8. Oberon

    Oberon Active Agent

    Could someone pass the 2nd part of the 3rd Mission?
    I am feeling a little stupid about the use of the XKeyScore...
    What I did discover so far:
    I was able to unlock the Entry Emmanuel Guerrero, but there was no aditional Informations about... I don't know if he is the CO or not... Also seems like there is just one relation between all the other XKey Entrys... (a short mail about a strange situation, what could be a hint for something illegal, but it is not a help yet)
    And a supersecret millitary project...
    That's all and now I am stuck here since a few days a little, without any ideas how to progress from here.
  9. Robespierre

    Robespierre Active Agent

    Well there's two things that deserve attention here and neither gave me anything.

    Her husband Antony is from Guatemala, so I gave that a good look.
    Her lawyer points out her US citizenship, so I looked under 'Other'

    I couldn't find the number
    ARN 098108097
    in any of the folders. I even went to the trouble of looking through the rest of the countries.

    There's a possibility that there's a folder somewhere that I can't see because a couple of the directories truncate without having a scrollbar. The most I can do is click on a little nub of the folder and hope that's the last in the directory.

    Like so in the attached file.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Frothbile

    Frothbile New Agent

    You're overthinking it. The SITUATION points to the answer. Google and Wikipedia are the only tools you need. Remember, you're looking for someone who is in a higher position than Estrada (who is an officer) and who has a connection to scandals involving CICIG. Specifically in 2015.

    What's up with that strange message about SIGIL and Project PUREMORNING? Seems like a red herring, or perhaps it leads to something later?

    This open world mission was very challenging for me. The November mission made way more sense.
  11. verbotron

    verbotron New Agent

    I've just hit the cute .exe thing. There's no confirmation code to work with. Could you please help? Thanks.
  12. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    @verbotron the spoiler tag in the post your quoting tells you where to look next
  13. verbotron

    verbotron New Agent

    @zaelong Thanks for the answer. I see what you guys are talking about. What I don't get is what I'm supposed to target. I mean, what are the IoT or SCADA stuff involved here? Or is there another use for that tool I'm not familiar with?
  14. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    it allows you to access interfaces of current targets as well
    it should be clear when youve done the last part of "Castle Ivy"
  15. Anastas

    Anastas Active Agent

    Hey, I could use a nudge, or a shove if you're feeling generous. I'm kind of running up against failure exhaustion here.

    I'm on the last part, finding a connection between the men holding Mrs. Sagastume and a CICIG investigation. I've read Lieutenant Estrada's "Situation" e-mails and duly noted the references to the Pavón prison executions, Marvin "El Taquero" Montel Marín, and a "he" who was talking to (Commissioner?) "Velásquez" (and presumably the military-assisted death-by-narco that followed. All pretty damning, but none of the names fit. CICIG's website is sluggish and a bit difficult to navigate besides, there are precious few names that fit and those that do don't work, few English-language sources seem interested in Guatemalan corruption so I'm forced to lean on limeted Spanish intuition and Google Translate's page translations, and the only Pavón-related El Taquero murder I can find so far doesn't have enough letters.

    Help me out: Am I looking in the right place? Who am I looking for? The "he" that blew the whistle on the "Pavón Situation"? The implied CO-of-the-CO who ordered-the-ordering-of-the-organization-of the murder of "he" (Colonel Almieda, perhaps?)? Is Pavón a dead end entirely and I should be looking through CICIG's (extensive, sluggish) collection of other cases? Is there an even more helpful file I can find in NITE Team 4's archives if I fiddle with XKEYSCORE some more?
  16. Nioreh

    Nioreh Active Agent

    I'm on the same thing and could need a nudge too! I'm really lost with all this cases on the cicig site. Put in every name I had from Xkexscore but nothing would fit in the october solution gap. Any help here?

    And what I don't understand is this thing about the project puremorning! Is this relevant for the solution?
  17. hiyouboots

    hiyouboots Active Agent

    @Anastas @Nioreh If what you want is a shove, focus on the Situation documents. Instead of focusing on people maybe focus on places.

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