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    As you know, one of the rewards that were unlocked from the Mining Pool was 2000x NT4 crypto token.

    The crypto token may be completely fictional (ie: existing only in the game) or based on actual blockchain technology.

    As a test, we are creating 65 536 Ghost Coin using the Ethereum Blockchain. If you want to be part of the test and received a share of the initial supply, you can leave your Ethereum Public Wallet address here:

    You can create an Ethereum wallet using the Chrome extension: Meta Mask.

    Be sure to leave an Ethereum wallet ID that supports custom token.
  2. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    FAQ about the test...

    1) Is this going to be used in the game?
    Not for now. We simply learning how crypto works. The same way we worked with Maltego or Kali. We need to do it for real so we know if and how it can be transform in game mechanics.

    2) What does the test do?
    • Players who opted-in received 50x free Boo (coin)
    • Boo can be traded for NT4 skins or between players
    • Boo can be bought to get item from the pre-order page at 50% rebate versus buying them in USD

    Since this is a test, we do not guarantee anything. :) Try at your own risk!

    Chat with us on #nt4-crypto.

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