NT4 0.11.3 - Operation Castle Ivy

Discussion in 'Share Your Feedback' started by Androiddd, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Androiddd

    Androiddd New Agent

    It was a cool operation and very exciting!
    I must say that Agent Dylan is a nice addition to the operation.
    I didn't really need him in this operation but in earlier builds of NT4 I sometimes got stuck and have no clue how to progress and then Agent Dylan would be nice to point you in the right direction.
    So hope that he is a keeper.

    I've also played The Black Watchmen but that game was too hard for me so I quit that.
    I don't mind a game being hard but if I get stuck and can't progress and have to go to forums then I rather play something else.
    That's just how I think about it.

    Also I really liked the choice you can make at the end of the operation and see what the community chose. Really cool feature!

    Waiting for the next operation.
    Agent Androiddd

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