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Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by Santiak, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

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  2. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    Dispatch 66 called JKKennedyTV ( and said him to send an agent during business hours (Mon-Fri 10:30am-2:30pm UTC-8 ; 17:30-21:30 UTC).
  3. Lyrah

    Lyrah Senior Agent

    My attempts for the misspelled areas that may or may not be relevant -

    Yearl > Pearl, kOrnA > kErnS, buckERT > buckMAN provides letters:

    operates many
    repayments (-oa)
    empyrean (-stoa)
    area to spy men
    spy area not me
    may spare note
    may spot near (-e)
    many parts (-oee)

    (tons of other words, but only put a few of the key ones here)
  4. Teryn

    Teryn Active Agent

    Hi, which IRC channel are people situated at? I haven't got the system set up at the moment but I would really like to be more actively involved in the process of solving problems. I could also use help with some missions but the Call for Help hardly ever summons anyone. :(
  5. Svyaz

    Svyaz Senior Agent


    Also to everyone that showed up today: Awesome showing! Can't wait for tomorrow to help advance the mission.

    And for anyone who didn't show up today: We would love extra hands (or minds) for the mission. Everyone has something to offer!
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  6. digitalFatteh

    digitalFatteh Active Agent

    Or click the live chat button top of the website.
  7. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Freenode #division66. Gotta be specific. Hope to see everyone on there! :D
  8. Dcsmall

    Dcsmall Active Agent

    The message said, "Speak the word and receive". Do we know what word specifically our agent in Portland needs to speak at the Fried Onion?
  9. Svyaz

    Svyaz Senior Agent

    We don't know if they need a passcode to begin with. Still, it would be enough of an indicator that you're an Agent, and not some random person.
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  10. VigilantGuardian

    VigilantGuardian Active Agent

    At least when someone shows up, we'll know IF a passcode is needed.
  11. Teryn

    Teryn Active Agent

    Thank you for swift replies. I finally managed to unlock the SitRoom thanks to helpful Agents supporting me through Mission 5. :)
  12. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    And this agent will have her dog tags with her when she arrives at the Fried Onion tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to do this relatively soon after they open for the day. And I will be in the IRC chat in the morning prior to my departure.
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  13. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    What timeszone you in for that? need to convert to see where I am when you go
  14. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    The store opens at 10:30 PST
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  15. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    The regions in Portland are normally Pearl, Buckman, and Kerns. Instead we have Yearl, Buckert, and Korna. Y ert o a instead of P man o a. Lyrah did some work with anargrams above but maybe we need to focus on the replacement letters?

    Yerto -a: is Spanish for stiff or rigid, normally in reference to fear
  16. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    10:30 PST // 13:30 EDT // 17:30 UTC // 19:30 CEST

    Edit: Updated timetable - I had used PST instead of PDT by mistake (PDT is the currently observed time in most states). Cheers Medenor for pointing it out. :)
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  17. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    Cheers folks, 19:30 for me then, so I have about 30 minutes before I have to go out tomorrow evening :/
  18. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    Maruna, I thought that the wrong letters spelled out "Yes Man". Could that be the passphrase?
  19. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    It unfortunately cannot, only if you replace the ERT from Buckert with the MAN from Buckman. Otherwise, the Yes is made up from one set and the Man from another.
  20. thatangryviking

    thatangryviking Viking Turkey | The Bot Slayer

    *Threw the setup IRC link in the Intro post in the event folks wanted to use an actual client and needed the info*

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