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    Current Build: 0.11.0

    Known Issues:
    -Players have received emails with blank keys for NT4 (shown as < >). We are aware of this problem and ask you to please send an email to [email protected] so we can send you a non-empty email.

    -Hydra has a hard time loading the cryptnet for some users. This is mostly due to a latency issue, but we will look into it.
    (Note: This has been fixed for most players)

    -Players already in the closed beta might have gotten a new steam key in their emails. Don't fret! Your account is still fine, think of the extra key as a gift and recruit more agents for NT4!

    -The Objective text box on the top right overlaps the rest of the UI, causing issues when clicking to close or move windows

    -Some Hiveminds are still bugged and cannot be completed 100%. Reminder that Hiveminds are going to go through an overhaul soon.

    -The shortcut key for the 6th workspace (now the Communication Center) opens an empty workspace. This is not working as intended and other workspace shortcut keys are bugged as a result.

    -There is a known issue with the Volume sliders. Players who put the volume below 75% will notice the sound to be almost completely muted, while going to 100% makes the sound unbearably loud with severe peaking.

    -Players who bought the Quantum pack did not get the Quantum Title. We're working on fixing this this week. We will look if other pack buyers are missing titles as well

    - If NITE Team 4 is being run on "Beautiful" graphics settings, the heat map texture on your drone's thermal camera will not be loaded. This will prevent you from completing the mission.

    Recently Patched:
    -Typing only "connect" in the hydra should no longer lock the module
    -Hydra error messages should be a clearer
    -Account Recovery for non Black Watchmen accounts now work!
    -Some visual bugs were fixed
    -It's now not possible to spam the answer field for the open world mission
    -Operation CastleIvy now has an intro video
    -The Filebrowser should no longer let you login to an empty browser if you have the wrong password
    -Hydra Terminal intro text should be clearer as to its functionalities
    -A bunch of typos were corrected
    -Shutdown button should now appear in the login screen
    -Release dates should now appear under the locked parts of the Open World mission
    -Emblems/Avatars/Profile Pics should be available the moment you unlock them
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