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    There are a handful of questions that I see asked pretty often about NITE Team 4, and especially about various pre-order add-ons. Here are some hopefully helpful answers. Let me know if you think of any others that should be added!

    What’s the custom server?
    The custom server add-on allows you to create a node in our Hivemind Network. You can read a little more about that process here, keeping in mind that we are reworking the Hivemind servers in the near future to allow for deeper customization and other fun stuff.

    What’s the 0-day vulnerability?
    The 0-day vulnerability add-on will grant you an ingame item that allows you to more easily bypass a specific technology. It will likely have a limited number of uses and it won't be mandatory to complete the game.

    Are the Hiveminds going to be reset?
    Yes, at some point. We’re reworking the Hiveminds entirely, and once that’s done a reset will be required so everyone is on the same version.

    When is the Academy going to release?
    The “basic training” portion will release this month (unless something goes terribly wrong). The rest of it will be out in October. See the roadmap thread for details on that!
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