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    (Updated Nov. 7th, 2017)

    What is NITE Team 4?
    NITE Team 4 is a new hacking simulation and strategy game from Alice & Smith, based upon the Black Watchmen's Network Intelligence & Technical Evaluation (NITE) Team 4. It was funded through Kickstarter in fall of 2016 and is in active development.

    How can I play?

    The current alpha (version 0.8) can be downloaded from here. This was the last alpha release before we entered our closed beta, which is open only to Kickstarter backers and those who have a Quantum or higher level pre-order for the game. You can pre-order NITE Team 4 here.

    I have a Quantum or higher level pre-order, how do I access the closed beta?
    If your pre-order included closed beta access, you should have gotten an email with a Steam key inside. If you didn't get your beta key, you should contact @Anashel so he can take care of it.

    Is there a deadline to pre order?
    There's no official deadline yet, but pre-orders will probably close about two weeks before the game goes to Early Access through Steam.

    When can I expect (thing)?
    Here's an updated timeline from the May newsletter, adjusted to the current level of development

    • Digital rewards from pre order: within a week of pre ordering
      (if you don't receive these via email within a week of pre-ordering, contact @Anashel)
    • Physical rewards from Kickstarter: In progress
    • Funcom/SWL rewards: after Secret World Legends is fully launched
    • Closed beta: In progress
    • Soundtrack: TBD
    • Security Seminar: TBD
    • Early Access: TBD
    • Game launch: 2018

    Help! I'm stuck!
    If you need help with a mission, check out the Missions Center, or ask for help in our Discord server.
    If you think you've encountered a bug, you can report it in the Technical Support forums , or ask about it on the Discord server.

    Happy hacking!
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