Night Sentinel Part 4

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Dgray, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    So, running into a slight issue with Book2.
    clearly this is centered on Paradise Lost.

    I figure the dots are a book code.
    line and character.
    If we look in book 2...
    7 1 = Y
    8 5 = N
    This gave me TNYOADD, which is NOT the password.
    Where did I go off track?

  2. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    Welp, that's embarassing. Figured it out.
    How do I delete a thread I started?
  3. Enoch52

    Enoch52 Active Agent

    I'm actually stuck on the book after.
    Looked up the figure mentioned and the codes associated with him, but nothing seems to fit the format given.
  4. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    That's the one with 30-70 red pictures?
    Don't spend much time investigating George Scovell. The main thing to know about him is the general idea behind the crypto he cracked. Then investigate those images
    Further hint
    google images allows you to do reverse image searches. I wonder what those images are of
    Final hint
    It's kinda like a book cipher. so the first one is 2.1 So what's the first character in the second picture?

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