[newbie] Playing Live Season - How Does It Feel ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lamed, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Lamed

    Lamed Active Agent

    I've been playing season one for a few day and am enjoying it a lot. I like to play by myself and at my pace, asking help to my wife from time to time, and am not likely to finish the ols seasons before the next one comes out.
    But I was wondering anyway how it feels to play live. What kind of events do you get on TBW? How do they blend in the storytelling of the seaso? Can you solve them regardless of the number of missions you have completed in the season? Can they contain spoilers for some missions?
    Also how do you interract with other players? Do you need to keep a certain pace (one mission per week or whatever) to enjoy the full multiplayer experience? Etc.
    Is there a post somewhere explaining all these details? This would be great for beginners.
  2. jen-jen

    jen-jen Active Agent

    Hi Lamed,
    I was also late off the mark, I joined somewhere around live event 7 (?) maybe. Some of the live events was further in the storyline than I had got up to. But luckily the live events only stemmed from items in the seasons and branched off from there.
    Even though I started behind, there were definitely things which I felt I could help in the group. Either we wee looking into certain people, or trying to find information, deciphering, decoding etc.

    You definitely don't need to keep a certain pace to enjoy multiplayer, but it would let have hurt either for skills etc.

    As for interacting with other players it was mostly through the live chat. If you see me on there next time, say hi!

    Sorry for disorganised post, on phone.
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  3. TheGrigori

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    Hi, Lamed. So I guess I should mention that I am 85% hermit. I don't socialize well with other people in games. In pretty much all MMOs I've ever played I always play alone. Mostly because there's nothing to the plot if I do socialize. I've been playing the Blackwatchmen for a while now, and walked away because of a certain puzzle frustrating me and work (life catches up sometimes), but I've been in two live events and all I can say is that this is not an MMO. Let me explain that.

    Massively Multiplayer Online Games are awash with people all doing their own thing making their own little stories and I don't really care for that. The Blackwatchem isn't that. I've come to feel like the Blackwatchmen is a community and a group that we are all a part of. I think the Almanac really nailed that home for me. I think when I read it (and the subsequent comic) this game took on a different feel for me immediately. It now became I wasn't just some guy playing a game and there were other people there. I am an Agent that can have a real impact on what's going on. We all have an impact.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is before I looked at this game as a thing to pass the time and it was cool, but it was like any other game. So I treated it like that. Now, however, these live events make me feel like I can have an actual role to play, that I'm not just some person in a sea of other people. I am The Grigori, and that matters now. This game makes me feel like my efforts matter.

    I say take part in the live events. Talk to other Agents, and enjoy a community, not fellow game players.

    And now to dismount my soap box.

    Super Ninja Edit 2016 - I kind of just realized I didn't answer any questions. So from what I've seen of these live events, there aren't many spoilers. Or at the least I haven't encountered any. They do tend to follow the plot of the whole story (again from what I've seen), but nothing really spoiling game play.

    From my personal experience, interacting with fellow agents is a delight. Everyone is interested in the same thing (hence us all being Agents) and are very polite. Haven't ran across anyone who wasn't so far.

    Technically you can solve these on your own, but really we're trying to save the planet. So let's talk to our fellow agents and coordinate.
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