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Discussion in 'Hivemind Servers' started by Minimag47, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Minimag47

    Minimag47 New Agent

    I bought the game yesterday and finished the tutorial, the first mission and the October real world mission. I see the Hivemind Servers but have no idea how to access them. Am I missing something that's right there?
  2. Doubleplus

    Doubleplus Active Agent

    The name of each location on it is an address. When it shows "Imagery" that corresponds to various subdomains that address has, which you can sniff out using sfuzzer and osintscan with "tbw" as the source instead of google.

    Once you've hacked into them like normal, the hivemind will change to a drone map which will have various nodes on it which can be discovered through netscan (Or occasionally they are subdomains) which can be webcams or employee registries which will let you identify the asset when you click on them through the drone map. Identifying them will give you a list of times which will correspond to the blips on the data map when you use aircrack and handshake all the addresses when you airodump. (Which you can access by clicking on. "Unable to localize device" = Wrong phone

    Once you have found and accessed their phone, their username will be somewhere on it. Once you have found the hivemind node on the drone map, and accessed their phone, you can click the blue shield on the drone map and it will automatically put in the right path and username (Even if you yourself dont know it) You can either crack the password the hard way, or speed things up by filling in their personal details from their phone and profile (First name, last name, age) and the variables (Friends, schools, town they live in, what they like, etc.)

    After that, you have access to the hivemind node and can swap intel you've gotten from missions and bounties. (Although it does nothing and the only way you can really know which intels you have is to attempt to trade each one)
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  3. Minimag47

    Minimag47 New Agent

    I'm all for Escape From Tarkov levels of difficulty but there was no way in hell I would have figured most of that out on my own in a reasonable amount of time.

    But thank you Doubleplus. I was able to successfully hack my first hive last night thanks to you.
  4. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

  5. Minimag47

    Minimag47 New Agent

    Well I've gotten pretty good at cracking hivemind servers but have no idea what to do with all this intel I'm getting from trading. Is it useful in later missions or something?
  6. Doubleplus

    Doubleplus Active Agent

    No one really knows yet.
  7. Minimag47

    Minimag47 New Agent

    Then next question. The only other hivemind level is 4 but you have to know a secret code to access it. Any idea how to go about getting the codes to try and hack those servers?
  8. cyberis

    cyberis New Agent

    So I have ABSOLUTELY no idea howt o get a "location". When I open up Hivemind I see a bunch of Silver Rings with an Upside Down Triangle in them. When I click one of those I get a satellite and a number of ghostly triangles that seem to be what I need to click. But when I do it just "Triangulates" and then says "Pending Signal Location". The Area and Proximity circles are different but I'm not sure what I am doing to get whatever I need next to get a name/location.
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  9. cyberis

    cyberis New Agent

    Wow, this interface needs some tutorial or help. I finally got to a node and followed @Doubleplus (great name BTW) instructions and am just cranking away on password attacks. I hope when the game leaves early access there are some more certifications that will help with hivemind.
  10. Doubleplus

    Doubleplus Active Agent

    As far as I know, that layer isnt actually implemented yet.
  11. juxo

    juxo New Agent

    We have to remember this game is still in early access so finding the reason behind things is still in development.

    Be patient, keep hacking and I'm sure it will all become clear :)

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