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    To all Agents,

    HQ has instructed me to add the new sections mentioned above; namely Suspected Missions and Archived Missions.

    While they may be self-explanatory by name, I thought it prudent to add a few words on what they're there for, and how they'll function.

    Suspected Missions
    Goal: To give Agents a way of requesting confirmation from HQ, as to whether or not novel information is relevant to The Black Watchmen - or to solicit other Agents to help investigate the subject further, until HQ can confirm or deny its relevance to The Black Watchmen.

    Restrictions: Please keep all interconnected information in the same Thread - in other words, avoid creating duplicate threads.

    If information is confirmed as pertaining to a novel mission, the relevant thread will be moved to "Ongoing Missions", from where the research can continue as before.

    Archived Missions
    Goal: To help sort active, ongoing missions, from missions that have either been completed, or are inactive.

    Restrictions: To avoid confusion, the task of relegating mission folders to this section will be left to moderators. In other words, Agents can not create new threads in this section - but they can comment on those stored there.
    Some Archived Missions may be locked either because they are deemed closed, or in order to divert the focus of Agents towards ruminating on more pressing matters.

    Should a mission be re-activated, it will be moved from Archived Missions to the relevant folder; be it Suspected or Ongoing - depending on the certainty with which the mission can be classified as once more "active".

    Seeing as these new sub-sections are still in their infancy - and the plans of mice and men being what they are - some changes may occur, if the current system proves ineffective.
    If so, this thread will - of course - be updated with the changes made.

    Kind Regards,
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