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    It's been decided to establish some clearer guidelines about what rules there are in regards to IRC, as well as when and how they'll be enforced.

    In addition, it's been decided that the only "Executioner" of the regulations below, is the Community Manager (at time of writing: Santiak), or the Developers themselves (Anashel, Jarobi, or Crux). The only person who will kick or ban an offending party, is either the CM or Devs.

    In regards to the official Forums, Moderators will still edit, move, or lock threads if need be.
    However, a Moderator will always state why these actions were taken.


    We kindly ask that players do not attempt to police the channel.
    If you feel there is an issue, contact either Anashel, Jarobi, Crux or Santiak, and they will decide the course of action in regards to the complaint.

    Rule 1: Language
    For the sake of cooperation and teamwork, we encourage that players speak in English.
    If a person does not speak English, we kindly ask that the person is not admonished for this; there may be a multitude of reasons for this.
    If it becomes disruptive, contact either the Devs or the CM, and they will decide what action is warranted.

    Rule 2: Impersonation
    Do not impersonate any other player or known individual directly.
    For example: "Santiak" or "Santiac", will be seen as an attempt at direct impersonation.

    Rule 3: Spam
    Do not spam unwarranted or irrelevant information in the channel.

    Writing over multiple lines for no other reason than to have it act as an "attention grabber" will be considered as unwarranted and irrelevant spam.

    Rule 4: General Behaviour and Demeanor

    Be kind and considerate to each other.
    We highly encourage that people maintain a tone that is not aggressive, such as swearing at someone else, excessive swearing, excessive use of Caps-lock.
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