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    Hi, everyone!

    About the launch
    As you may know, Steam rolled out a new visibility system that had an impact on indie studios.

    24h after the official launch, Ahnayro received about 94% fewer impressions (visibility) compare to what The Black Watchmen gathered at the same time last year.

    These numbers exclude press coverage, referrals, etc... They are unique to Steam home page and internal promotion.

    Developers often ask the support of their community to spread the word and let people know about how unique the Ahnayro Experience is. But I know you already do that, and you do it very well.

    The Winter Raid of 2016! :)
    As an Alice & Smith gamers, you have mastered the dark art of google-fu. I summon your help for the Winter Raid of 2016. This epic event will go on until Dec. 24th.

    - Have an idea of someone we should reach? Tell us here!

    - Got some google-fu ninja skills? Help us track down contact info of potential influencers.

    - Had a great experience with the game? Help us by leaving a review on steam.

    - Got writing talents? Send me a private message! The PR machine needs all help we can get.

    - Comfortable in front of a microphone? We wish to do a series of podcast on the various topic we touch it the game. Contact me!

    Any other help is welcome, feel free to reach out!
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    You know damn well I'm on board for the podcast if you'll have me. I'll write as well, but I'm a better talker than writer ;)
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