Nathaniel 's mail address in Blocked Off is off limits

Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by OneEyedFox, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. OneEyedFox

    OneEyedFox New Agent

    Can't start the Password Atack.

    Not important now but breaks immersion.

    Thanks again,
    Love the game
  2. OneEyedFox

    OneEyedFox New Agent

    Finishing the mission i was confronted with a rather abrubt ending
    (I happened to fingerprint the correct address while in root)
    Without seeing the result of the scan i was abrubtly taken away from my desktop (as if the lights went on after a late night party ;) )
    Players might have a better sense of victory if they could see or perhaps fiddle with what they found
    (Then again my comments might be completely out of scope, apologies in that case :) )
  3. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    even after youve finished a mission, you can still fiddle around with the domains youve uncovered so far, (or domains you're not supposed to know about)
    i dont recall the windows being closed automatically though? i recall the results are still visible when you get back to your "workdesk" (the place with all the command prompts and stuff; does it even have a name?)
  4. OneEyedFox

    OneEyedFox New Agent

    A Desktop is the background of a GUI that contains the icons and terminals.

    A bright box suddenly closes on top of everything and from then on you're in mission selection (control is taken away)
    It kinda broke immersion (for me at least).

    then again, Just an opinion and i'm guessing these are tests to see what works.
  5. LogThatData

    LogThatData Moderator

    While it does take you back to mission selection, as soon as you leave mission selection you should still have all the windows you had open before.
  6. OneEyedFox

    OneEyedFox New Agent

    After breaking tension/immersion and changing the focus point.

    Thats all i'm saying.
  7. LogThatData

    LogThatData Moderator

    Fair enough.
    If I remember correctly, this doesn't happen in the beta mission anymore, so it shouldn't be a problem once we start getting more missions again. However, if I see it does pop up again with the new missions, I'll be sure to tell the developers.

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