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Discussion in 'Division-66' started by Wheeler, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Wheeler

    Wheeler Archivist at Division 66

    Hello Agents,

    During my time under surveillance I finally had time to finish a project I have been working on for some time. It is a wiki that can serve all agents. I have been given the go ahead by the brass to open the wiki to everyone.

    Hopefully, this will encourage both collaboration and study of past missions, and reduce unnecessary requests for access to sensitive material within the archive. Should anything too sensitive be shared on the wiki, it will simply be redacted.

    I have started the wiki with an entry on the BLUE CRUSH incident. If anyone has any questions, just let me know!
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  2. Wheeler

    Wheeler Archivist at Division 66

    My project is still in an early phase, if anyone has suggestions on extensions to be installed or ways of configuring the wiki, please post them on this tread.
  3. Daedalus

    Daedalus Division-79

    Infoboxes. Infoboxes everywhere.
  4. evanstewy

    evanstewy Active Agent

    Will this and the archive be added into the client?
  5. Wheeler

    Wheeler Archivist at Division 66

    I am not aware of any of the clients the agency deals with. At the moment, I am only concerned with the development and extension of the wiki.
  6. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    If you're going to allow the lower level (us) agents to assist with updating the wiki, a template system may be a good idea. I've only assisted with the creation and maintenance of The Secret World wiki which was... complicated. But some sort of system for navigation would be appreciated.
  7. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    Having reviewed the information provided on the Blue Crush page, I would highly recommend some templates and a FAQ outlining what information is going to be allowed and from what sources.

    Also, are we posting the missions that we have completed? For example, could we post mission 204812 and provide the details of how contact was made, the the knowledge gathered by the agents, responses from Div66, and the associated documents?

    I, for example, was not an agent during the initial Rosenberg Clinic snafu and, as a new agent, it would be nice to have a page to visit to review the pertinent (non-classified) information and what actions were taken.

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  8. Wheeler

    Wheeler Archivist at Division 66

    Please feel free to update the wiki with any missions that have passed. If some components of the mission are ongoing, please use caution. I want the wiki to be informative to new agents, but not at the expense of the safety of active field agents.

    I will set up a tutorial page with some templates and formatting as well.
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  9. Gr3ylok

    Gr3ylok Senior Agent

    Looking good so far, keep it up.
    Altho I was there during Rosenberg, I'd love to read back and/or show it to friends who didn't get the chance to work on said missions.
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  10. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    Wheeler, you're doing very well. I updated my own page, and well, I'm sure the templates would be much appreciated in the future.
    I looked at the formatting for other pages to figure mine out. Any way we could help division 93 and your duties, I would be glad to assist in this matter.
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