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Discussion in 'Previous builds' started by crogor, May 1, 2016.

  1. crogor

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    Thanks for putting this together. I'm just as curious as the next agent what your plans are for integrating this into the overall experience. It is a great step in a new direction and I applaud the team for having the courage to drive into uncharter territory.

    The following are my notes taking while working through the alpha. Overall it was enjoyable but there was enough about the cli functionality that did not align with how the real world works that I never got the immersion I was hoping for. I'm guessing that this is being released in this fashion to allow a feedback and retooling loop prior to release. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of that effort. Here's the notes...


    mission 1. I should be able to issue "connect <ip address>" from the cli to connect to the proxy. I should NOT have to click on it on the map to connect. From there:
    - If I connect to "" I should fail the mission (I didnt go through the proxy)
    - If I bounce to "" I should get "access denied" as the firewall is running
    I should then have to launch "exploitfw" to exploit the firewall *from the proxy*. Once that is complete I should be able to successfully bounce to it (and again, if I connect instead of bounce I should fail the mission).

    when connected to a host through another host you should be able to issue an exit command to drop you back to the previous host in the chain

    invalid tab completion should give nothing (or the list of available entities at the level the tab was attempted) *not* inject a tab character

    mission2 scp syntax requires a ':' after the destination hostname. The correct command should be 'scp <filename>' Also you can specify a username in the command making it 'scp <filename> [email protected]' Either should work.

    returned to mission3 after closing client. am on "upload mallware to jhenriks computer" step. jhenriks computer is no longer on the world map. connects issued to it say success but I am not transfered to the machine and it still doesnt show on the world map. bounce to it through the proxy also says successful but does not show it or connect me. had to reissue geolookup to get it to display on the world map. clicking on the world map icon changes my prompt to that machine and I can now proceed with the firewall exploit.

    when at default resolution the screen is crouded and I cannot see all elements including some of the mission descriptive text

    hostnames change at the wrong time. Instead of clicking on a host on the world map to set a target, you should have to specify the target of an action on the command line. Case in point: In mission 3, my prompt should be my local host. I then issue a "connect" to the proxy which would connect me and change my prompt to the proxy host name (I am now "on" the proxy). From there, when I issue a connect to the employer machine, I should get "connection refused" as it has an active firewall. I should then have to launch "exploitfw" with the target of that machine and go through the maze challange to succeed. Upon success I should be returned to the cli with a success message "firewall on <hostname> deactivated". I would then issue a "connect" to that host and this time would get a success message and my prompt would change to that machine's hostname. What happens now is: From the proxy I issue a "connect" to the target machine which succeeds and changes my prompt to that machines hostname but then I can do nothing with that machine until I do an exploitfw I find this confusingly illogical and not representative of how the real world works (which is what youre trying to emulate, yes?)

    There should always be a note on the screen telling you what mission/level you are on.

    Mission4 mechanics confusing. Icons not obvious/functionality not explained. Agent has repaired the beacon (health and power show 100% on gui and from scan) but 'have agent repair beacon' stage not completing. moved to pop.intercept2 and issued 'connect beacon.collect' which reported successful and drew a line from 'buenos aries' on the minimap to the beacon in the map window. Did the same thing with pop.intercept1. Beacon.collect sits on the window still empty (nothing shown as connected to it). Neither of these should succeed (I should not be able to directly connect to the pops without proxying through the beacon)

    with help from IRC I got past this. The issue was that I needed to repair and start the beacon. The goal text should say that.
  2. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to give us such a detailed feedbacks! REeally appreciated! :)
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  3. Daemian

    Daemian Active Agent

    I had the same issues as the above. Mission four got me stuck for over an hour until I saw above that I need to start the beacon.
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  4. bladedraconis

    bladedraconis Senior Agent

    My only comment is I wish objectives were more specific. Otherwise, you do exactly as you're told and nothing happens. Then you figure out that you should've done other things unrelated to the main objective to get to "objective completed."
  5. crux

    crux Special Adviser

    Thank you for your feedback! We know that in particular the mission objective for 4 should also include the word "and start the beacon". Were there other objectives you felt could be more specific?
  6. bladedraconis

    bladedraconis Senior Agent

    Sorry, didn't read crogor's comment that "beacon start" was already mentioned. Jhenriks was another one for me.

    Also, non-related... maybe my MAC is extremely old but I had to restart NiteTeam several times before the CLAM window popped up. In addition, changing resolution helps with proper placement of field agent and full visibility of his tools.
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  7. crux

    crux Special Adviser

    We're currently working on making the game play better on smaller resolutions. This should be fixed in the next update. I'll also look into the objectives for jhenriks and see how they're currently triggering.

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