my character for any rp

Discussion in 'Division-66' started by Cap'n Devile Ripper, Aug 22, 2018.

  1. NAME:
    Devile RIPPER
    JOB: Pirate/ corrupted evil
    d.o.b: ???
    info: once a soldier he had to leave because of an order to kill civilians but he refused to do it so when he left he set out to become a pirate

    second info: his life span may change between days so any day he could be dead he may show signs of weakness like coughing blood but that's his inner evil trying to escape his body and if his inner evil escapes no-one is safe
    weapons: desert eagle, Bowie knives, and a scythe (inner evil only)
    intelligence: average but if its his inner evil than he has a psychotic mind aka genius at warfare
    third info: if he keeps control then he shows a lot of love and he'll fight by your side to the end.

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