Mother Russia - Special Operation

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    Здравствуйте Agents

    An urgent operation is being planned for August and requires your support. In the Mother Russia DLC, you’ll need to complete an all new in-client mission set that brings you through the cold case files of Agent Msika and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

    Key features of Mother Russia will include:
    • Live Event Operations: As part of the DLC launch, a special Live Event will be open and free to all owners of The Black Watchmen.

    • Msika Archive Investigation: Explore the Archive files of Agent Msika and use your analytical skills to interpret long lost notes and leads.

    • Cold Case: Tackle a new set of missions dealing with the mystery of Agent Msika and the investigation of her disappearance.

    • Support from Russia: Work with Agent Grisha, Msika’s old partner and handler. He’s eager to team up with you and put your research skills to the test!

    • Immediate Action Required: The Mother Russia DLC is accessible to anyone that owns Season 1 of The Black Watchmen. Completion of Season 1 or 2 is not required.

    • Achieve Glory: A new set of Steam Achievements to obtain awaits you in the Motherland!

    We look forward to seeing you participate in this operation and help in deciphering the Msika Archive this August on Steam. For more information, join the official discussion thread here!
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