Mother Russia - Mission #5

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    This is the official thread for Mission 5 of the Mother Russia DLC.
    Use this thread to post theories, ideas and hints. Please don't post any answers, and use spoiler tags when appropriate!
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    This location was the answer to a previous mission, hope you remember.

    You only need to input one coordinate (all cameras watches roughly the same place)

    There is a specific Google Street View point for the location surveyed by the cameras
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    Anyone got help or a hint for 5.3? I've decoded the intercept which seems to lead to
    75 82 82
    but I've hit a complete dead end after that and have been searching for hours now. Was flying through up to this point! Any help appreciated.
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  4. Balamung

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    5.3 threw me for a loop because the same data Andronimus got had me looking at
    latitutde and longitude which also has a decidedly Russian connection

    Solid now though.
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    It is MUCH simpler than that... or should I say BASIC
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    Uhm... I think there's a new problem we should be worrying about...
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  8. mgelles

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    Ok so I'm on the last part of 5.3 . I believe I've done all the necessary decoding to get
    KRR which is the airport designation for Krasnodar Turkey. My answer was Krasnodar International air but it won't accept that.
    Can anyone tell me if I'm the right track or provide further help?
  9. zaelong

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    @mgelles you almost got the correct answer... your just missing a few letters
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  10. Watch2300

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    What an all-round human cruelty.
    Good campaign though, I love the story.:)
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    This post contains hints from earlier posts in this thread. I'm attempting to write it so you can look at just this post and get all of the info from the posts before it as well.


    MR5-1 SUIT UP

    That name gets me hyped.

    Look closely at the requirements in the document - does it mention anything about where these suits will be obtained?

    Bigger Nudge:
    The document notes a particular company the agency has partnered with.
    We are dealing with HAZardous MATerials, so find the appropriate suite

    Final Nudge:
    the commander of a century in the ancient Roman Army

    Wait, that's not quite right. Luckily some computer programs can guess what I really meant



    Our document outlines 3 keys pieces of information, and the last 2 are very easy to understand. What does the first one mean?

    Remember, what are we transporting?

    Bigger Nudge/Final:
    Have you found out what type of ship we are looking for? AIS Class will tell you.

    Not too many countries operate these kinds of ships, and not too many have even been built.

    Find one that matches the information given in the document - and our answer syntax



    Look at all the documents provided.
    We've got:

    1 - Some Number Strings (that only contain digits as high as 8)

    2. A book of Patterns drawn around a dot arrangement with associated meanings

    3. A photo of a dot arrangement and someone who just formed some patterns

    See what needs to happen?

    Try to recreate this, it's a bit like a Rosicrucian Sigil Code.

    Note that this might not be the end of the puzzle, but one of more steps.

    Bigger Nudge:
    The patterns are drawn by connecting numbers - for example, if you wanted to create a triangle pattern, your number would be something like 7487.

    7-4 in a straight line forms our first side, 4-8 our next, and 87 to close off the triangle.

    A trick occurs when a number is revisited - our lines bend

    Look at the example of the right side of the Hong Kong Safe House Image, 556544

    5-5 - This is demonstrated by simply drawing a curved line that curves into the center just a little bit before coming back to land on 5.

    5-6-5 - we start at 5, but see that after we hit 6, we want to return to 5. Instead of drawing a straight line from 5 to 6, we bend out one way on our way there (5-6) and then bend out the other way on our way back (6-5)

    If we only drew straight lines, 5-6-5 would be indistinguishable from 5-6 or 6-5.

    5-4 - Since we only need to hop from 5-4 one time, this is a straight line.

    4 - Since we started on four - we just make a little loop back.

    Note that if we have a number that repeats a couple times, we must make curves AND straights. Look at the words "Yes" and "Yesterday" in the book.

    Match this pattern to the word in the code book.

    This is not the only way of encoding numbers to words - there are other methods, some you learned about all the way back in basic training. They usually are some kind of substitution cipher - hexadecimal notation can serve as one method - find a place online that does this kind of translation, among others.

    PRO TIP: On your piece of paper, draw your dots in blue pen, and wait for the ink to dry. Draw your patterns with a pencil. This way when you are done with a pattern, you can just wipe your slate clean with an eraser.

    Final Nudge - Not much bigger than the "Bigger Nudge"
    556544 matches the word PHONE in the book.
    The patterns don't seem to be predictableee - you just have to carefully scan the book for patterns.

    Look for distinct patterns like repeat numbers and long lines. For example, if your number has double 1's, look for a loop at the center of the circle.

    Not all pairs of characters use hexadecimal.
    If you want to get lucky, you should make sure to remove all curses and hexes from your methods.

    Additional Observation:
    Hey, these strings of numbers look similar to what MSIKA's informant wasn't able to decode...



    Now, I don't speak Ukranian or Russian - but I do know some of the letters and can actually read some of the words - and I can teach you too as well.

    There are Cyrillic Letters that make sounds very similar to the letters in the Latin Alphabet that English uses:

    • К = K sound
    • Other letters look and sound the same, like A, M, O, T...
    • В = V sound (B and V mix in some languages, like Spanish (from Spain) - consider the words Lebanon and "the Levant"
    • П = P sound (it's the Greek letter Pi)
    • Р = R sound (from Greek letter Rho)
    • з = Z sound (not the number 3! From the Greek letter Zeta)
    See if you can make out any familiar terms on the feeds - sound it out if you have to

    Use Google Input Tools to get Russian terms. With this tool, you can sound out Russian terms, spelled using English sounds, to get their spelling in Russian. For example, type "Privjet" (Hello) and get "привет"

    Perhaps you can find the website of the cameras shown in the document - the feeds are live as of this time of writing. The camera's names are in the document as well.

    Remember, we are trying to find a port - a crossing that during the time of this mission (and writing) doesn't have a bridge for a cars to cross. How will those cars get across the water?

    Bigger/Final Nudge:
    Our port has a sister right across the water. See if you can find the Russian names of both ports, and determine which port is located on our Sector Map.

    The camera website shown in the document would be "Gosparom" in English phonetics

    The cars will have to be ferried across, and the ferry only comes and goes at specific times. These cars will have to wait somewhere - can you see any thing that looks like that in our documents? How about on Google? Put your self in the position of the camera you are looking through - where would you be on the map?

    It may take a few guesses.

    Well done, team!
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    Got stuck on Mother Russia #5.4 - Port Authority.
    I think the webcam feed to use for this part is now offline.

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