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  1. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

    Figured this probably needed it's own thread.

    An update to the Situation room led to 3 cryptobins and an archive link (
    Solving the 3 cryptobins led to the code:
    Entering that word in the archive gives you the following image:
    Which in turn leads to the website:
    The other bit of information that turned up was the creature in the picture appears to be the following (apologies, not certain who it was in IRC that pointed this out, let me know and I can add you).
    'Rhetenor' is a literary reference. In Ovid's Metamorphoses, Rhetenor was a companion of Diomedes.

    I believe that's as far as we are currently. I have created a spreadsheet for password attempts:
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  2. MERCury

    MERCury Senior Agent

    Some further speculation was posted in the suspected missions subforum. Perhaps someone able to do such things could bring the relevant posts into this thread...
    By the way: Genus of the creature should be correct - species is imho not yet absolutely confirmed.
  3. Shadow96

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  4. ninomachi

    ninomachi New Agent

    I tried to send an email to the [email protected] but got an address not valid response.
  5. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    I copy/paste what I said in the other topic (
    Some reading about eugenics & Morpho :

    Linked to the following book :

    I think that a subject integrating both eugenics and the name of the company may be interesting. And Morpho Eugenia is also the name of a real butterfly species:

    I also noticed a hidden part in the login form (a checkbox to remember the password, no idea why it's hidden but it is desired given the HTML comments tags) :
            <p class="forgetmenot"><label for="rememberme"><input name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever" tabindex="90" /> Remember Me</label></p>
    Pretty sure it's useless ^^
  6. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    What it does is, when activated, adds a 'remember me' checkbox below the password input.

    So yeah, pretty much useless. :p
  7. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    It was my two cents :D I will look a little bit deeper in the Morpho Eugenia book
  8. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    Whoops, didn't realize you had mentioned what it did already! Sorry :p
  9. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    :p I tried some keywords linked to the book, unsuccessful up to now. It couldn't be so simple ^^
  10. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    We probably just don't have enough clues yet. There's probably be stuff on the Facebook page, as time goes by that will push us closer and closer.
  11. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    Yup ^^
  12. Bink

    Bink Senior Agent

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  13. evanstewy

    evanstewy Active Agent

    I found the two buildings in the Facebook posts.

    Chase Tower in Chicago
    Citigroup Center in New York City
  14. unMadeMan

    unMadeMan Senior Agent

    From wiki:
    Final years
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  15. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    It could fit with the slogan of Morpho Medical
    Fact : breeding fitter and smarter humans thanks to the latest in medical technology
    Faith : powered/organized by religion (maybe we will find a link between religion & the company)
    Future : eugenic human race thanks to Morpho Medical (to which purpose?)
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  16. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    For those interested, what remains of the novel can be found here.
    Currently testing keywords against the MM login (updating google doc as I go)
  17. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    Something that I'm not sure if we touched on...
    A friend of mine who was investigating the code believes that, from what he sees, there's no way of the site returning anything but 'password incorrect'. If that's the case, maybe we're not supposed to find the password yet? Maybe we need to wait until we have enough information, according to...whomever.
  18. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    There is no indication that this is true, as a web developer this is how the data appears flows:

    Enter Password -> The internet -> Their server -> Their server -> Password checking -> Server creates response -> The Internet -> Your computer
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  19. left_sock

    left_sock Senior Agent

    Page source mentions forget-me-nots, also the symbol of the Alzheimer's Society, apparently. Tried a few passwords, no dice. Might still be worth looking into. Wonder if it has anything to do with what Morpho Medical's up to.
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  20. blinkku

    blinkku Active Agent

    The site is up and running.

    I have no idea how I got in, but now when I try to access the webpage its still requiring a password.
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