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  1. BlackSite

    BlackSite Active Agent

    I'm currently past the MITM target credential intercept.

    How do you now use the information obtained to brute force your target password?
  2. BlackSite

    BlackSite Active Agent

    Figured it out. Lol
  3. DanLyonsX

    DanLyonsX New Agent

    how did you do it ? having same problem
  4. BlackSite

    BlackSite Active Agent

    I will pm you.
  5. Vorpol

    Vorpol New Agent

    Im stuck on locating and querying the Active Directory. I used the Social Engineering tool, got an ip, got in, but when I use the WMI tool and dig in Active Directory it is not Vulnerable. How else would you query and locate it?

    Edit: I have already used the MITM and completed the 3rd task but not the 2nd
  6. BlackSite

    BlackSite Active Agent

    PM inbound.
  7. VirminLord

    VirminLord New Agent

    I'm in the same place as Vorpol. Starting to think there's a bug or something.
  8. c0re

    c0re Active Agent

    Same here, RIP
  9. c0re

    c0re Active Agent

    Thanks to Blacksite for pointing me in the right direction!
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  10. Whemever

    Whemever New Agent

    Ok can someone point me in the right direction, I've managed to get all the way to having figured out what the password is, I just can't find anyway to log in to extract the data - hints would be greatly appreciated
  11. Whemever

    Whemever New Agent

    I sorted that, now trying to get the permanent VPN, foxacid doesnt seem to work on the spearfished system, so i don't know what to do - hint?
  12. cikulisu

    cikulisu New Agent

    you need to probe the internal net for servers that aren't exposed to the outside and aren't indexed.

    there's a tool you can use you may not have used before, it's under information gathering AFAIK.
  13. Killkeny

    Killkeny Active Agent

    I´m also stuck in the first mission of Operation Minerva. I have run SET succesfully, and also figured out the third objective (the mitm). My questions are:
    1-) I have run the wmi, but the Active Directory isn´t vulnerable... i don´t know what to do. Any hint please?
    2-) I think i figured out some passwords for the financial staff, but i don´t know how to use it. I think i need to connect to, and i have the username and password. But how can i connect to that url??
    Thanks, and sorry my english...
  14. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    id refer you to the active directory module for part one, and the fileserver module for part two of your question
  15. Killkeny

    Killkeny Active Agent

    Hey @zaelong thanks bro! That was the trail i need!!

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