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  1. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    A group of agents are planning in participating in the MIT Mystery Hunt in Boston, MA this coming Martin Luther King Day weekend (beginning noon on Friday, January 13th). I'm making this thread
    A: to recruit potential remote puzzle solvers for the Hunt and
    B: to consolidate information for those of us who will be participating.

    Also, we need a team name.

    We have a room we've been using in the IRC to practice using various other puzzle hunts, P&A, etc. You can find it at #TBWMIT on the network, or by clicking this link.
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  2. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    We'll be running through some previous hunts as practice for anyone who wants to try them. Myself, Greenstar and ManyPinkHats have completed all three Puzzle Boats, the MUMS hunt and the USC hunt so we can use those as practice.
  3. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent


  4. ManyPinkHats

    ManyPinkHats Active Agent

    If you are looking for any practice puzzles, or for any hints on any practice puzzles, feel free to PM here or on IRC for suggestions.
  5. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Myself and Codex were thinking we should schedule some practice hunts... So if we were to practice say MUMS or USC we'd release the puzzles as they were released during the hunt. Could be fun!
  6. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    Just an update:

    The date is approaching. Slowly, but approaching. We're looking to recruit...well, as many people as we can for this!
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