MIT Mystery Hunt - This Weekend!

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    Hey everyone, we've made a few posts before but this is a final reminder that the MIT Mystery Hunt is happening this Weekend, starting at 12pm EST on Friday.

    Some of the Black Watchmen Agents have created their own team, Aviation Laws, and several will be travelling to Boston to take part in the hunt on-campus.

    However, there's a few of us who will be helping online, and that's where we need you! If you're good with puzzles, codes, logic, google-fu, anything at all, come and join our Aviation Laws discord and put your skills to the test!

    The Hunt shall take places from Friday through to Sunday. If you want to browse through some of the puzzles from last year, the 2016 hunt can be found at

    We look forward to working with you guys and solving as many puzzles as we can :D

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