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    Try taking notes as you listen to the call. Write down anything that you think could be relevant. There's a very high chance that you'd write the answer you're looking for down.
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    Thank you, the problem I was having was, I was basing it all around that
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    Awww. How can I have not gotten this one?

    I spent all of last night and today researching every possible use for bone marrow in medicine and trying endless phrases. I admitted defeat a few moments ago and looked up the solution on Youtube, only to find the answer was actually ... well, I'm sure you already know. I'm a bit behind the rest of you in the game. Lesson learned. Don't over complicate things. :)
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    It's the first time I'm stuck and as a french (like someone here before) sometimes it's not easy :)

    First number
    It's when a player of the local team become a legend, his number is no more used. I went on website of the CSKA Ice Palace team (used Google translate aha) and find the first legend : Alexander Borisov (Александров Борис) -> 11
    EDIT : wrong way, I was another message here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HC_CSKA_Moscow#Hall-of-Famers
    First number retired is 17 for Valeri Kharlamov

    Second number
    I typed Calder + player and found that it's a trophy in NHL (hockey too, then)
    83 can be 1982-1983 or 1983-1984 season but I guess 83 winne if for season 1982-1983 so it's Steve Larmer and he was 21. But I don't really get the point of the "round". Maybe nominated...
    Edit : i found nominated list http://www.hockey-reference.com/awards/voting-1983.html#calder
    Older is Peter Ihnacak (he was 25)
    He was drafted at 2nd round (25th overall, I don't know what it is) http://www.hockey-reference.com/players/i/ihnacpe01.html

    Older ever is Sergei Makarov en 1989 (31), drafted in 1983 at round 12 (231st overall)

    Third number
    I guessed The Father is a player for something. And he is (was, he's now dead -> http://www.rt.com/news/208259-hockey-coach-red-machine/)
    His name is Viktor Tikhonov
    Number of titles in not really easy
    Olympics gold medals : 3 (and 2 silver, I guess it's not title)
    World championship : 7 (2 silver, 2 bronze)
    Canada cup : 1
    So I'd say : 11

    Note :
    I used the reference written at the top of the document : LI6R5L
    It's also an archive about Rosenberg clinic people and a report from a fire in march 2015
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    IF memory serves me,
    your first two have correct answers listed, as options.
    the third:
    The titles they are referring to include some of those you list as well as some more local ones.
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    Thanks for the bit about enviormental factors of the battles. I was overthinking it calculating win/loss percentages and the numbers etc. (and i felt pretty dumb afterward lol.)
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    Hi guys :)!
    I achieved the mission thanks to you all but I haven't understood the awnser of part three (found it by luck), so I would be grateful if someone could explain me the thingy either by awnsering this post or by pm :)!
    Thanks <3
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    I assume you're talking about the British History pastebin?

    Each battle can be characterized as a defeat for britain or a victory. All land battles were defeats and all naval battles were victories. Land = substance in its solid state, and naval = substance in its liquid state.
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    Yes exactly, thanks for awsering it makes far more sense now :)!
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    I also tried entering those three figures into the Archive, but i just get a 404.
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    Hello! If you're using this thread, it means you're having issues with Mission 7. However, a lot of the hints in this thread are outdated, because the first question of the first part of the mission changed.

    Here is some spoilery information. The answer is in the spoiler within this spoiler:

    the answer is no longer 17! you will have to find something else.
    the answer is now 20.
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    Tried multiple times and I finally got the answer...So hard for a man who don't know hockey at all.I gathered some information useful so if someone want to solve this,they won't have to spend much time on searching.
    This one is based on #6,#7 and #1,watch them carefully.
    read the hint in #1,you will know the target team is HC CSKA Moscow.
    and you need to find out first goalie retired,remember,the goalie.That's where the #6 goes wrong:Valeri Kharlamov is a wingman.
    And just think...the goalie in hockey ball game may not just called "goalie"...But must be similar.
    This one should not be a Problem...#6 and #7 is right.
    You are searching the father of Russian hockey,not the father of red machine.You need to find the one who is more offically.
    By this you will easily find out the answer.
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    I don't like this puzzle...seems no logic at all,and easy to be cracked by exhaustion.
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    As for the Archive Call Number, I came to the conclusion it was:


    Does anyone know if this is correct? I am posting from my phone and haven't gotten to check it yet.
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    Correct or not, we generally don't post answers in the forums. Give it a try once you're home and if you have trouble, hop on the IRC.
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    I really appreciate that no one posts the direct answer! This has allowed me to do my research, get confused, confirm what I found (which was a lot of the same posted here) with other agents, and still have to do some work to piece it together. Thanks!

    Well, minus two posts ago. But I didn't see that until after I found the answer using confirmation of research first... lol
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    I'm totally dumb in sports. And english is not my native language. So part 1 is really hard for me. I haven't found the answers in "proper" way. So here is small tip for persons like me (additional skills or a lot of time required):
    1 number out of 3 is enough. (probably even 0/3)
    Sometimes bruteforce can help.
    WebClient class in c# can be helpful.
    Qt or boost library for c++
    any other language with simple bascic web-page downloading functional

    Истинно русское решение загадки от русского Гриши.
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    Hey, I'm glad you were able to find the answer one way or another. If you ever need help you can always ask though! Either in a thread here or on the IRC, we're always willing to help without giving the answer away. :)

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