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  1. Priathic

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    Okay, so the first part was easy enough to get the code for the archive, but after listening to the audio file I'm a little stumped for now.. How is everyone else finding the new mission?

    Edit - Actually, I've got it, now I feel stupid!
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    This mission has since undergone revision; some hints relating to Step 1 found in this thread are now outdated!

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    Added personal hints and some guidelines. Thanks to agent @Priathic who made the thread in the first place.

    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.
    Note: It's recomended to download all images and files in order to work with less difficulty.

    Assistance by Agent @Silverfox

    Part 1
    Phase 1
    When a hockey team retires number, the jersey of the corresponding player with that dorsal number is hunged from the rafters of the team's home arena.
    In this case the home arena is the CSKA Ice Palace.
    You need the tenants (or local hockey team) of the CSKA Ice Palace.
    And the number you want is the first dorsal number retired by this team.
    The Calder Memorial Trophy is an annual award given "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League (NHL)."
    You need the player who won the Trophy with most age.
    That player was drafted into the NHL in 1983, the number you want is the number of the round.
    You're looking for the "father" of russian hockey.
    Keep in mind the team of the first pair.
    The number you want is the number of Soviet titles won by the team whith this person.
    With the three pairs you form a number for the archive.
    Phase 2
    Nathaniel says the solution, but very quick.
    The solution is formed by two words.
    The solution is a tissue from the human body.

    Part 2
    There is a pattern in the battles.
    The pattern has to do with wins and loses.
    You need to focus on the won battles.
    You are being asked for the state of the new substance, as in the states of matter.
    There is a link between the states of matter and the won battles.
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  2. fjölverkrk

    fjölverkrk Active Agent

    Well, I'm still stuck at the first part :)
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  3. kelbris

    kelbris Senior Agent

    I am stuck on the first and second numbers of part 1, got the 3rd one easily (I think, unless I misunderstood what titles meant).
  4. DoctorAcula

    DoctorAcula New Agent

    I'm having the opposite trouble, I *think* I have 1 and 2, but everything I slot into 3 doesn't fit. Meaning I probably have 1 or 2 wrong.
  5. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    Alright, as a francophone I was stuck on the expression "hanging from the rafters". I thought that meant "suicide by hanging" but not at all!
    From my point of view, the third number is the easier.
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  6. fjölverkrk

    fjölverkrk Active Agent

    I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble here, especially since OP found the solution easy enough.

    So here is what I've got until now, maybe if we compare our notes we'll find it?

    Since the field agent talks about digits I'm only looking for digits, maybe this is not the best approach?

    "To hang from rafters" appears to be sports slang for being retired, so looking for the first CSKA player to be retired i came up with Valeri Kharlamov, number 17, who retired in 61 and shortly after died in a car crash (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HC_CSKA_Moscow#Hall-of-Famers)
    The number 17 seems what we're looking for, I think.

    Sergei Makarov, at the age of 31, was the oldest person to win Calder's cup. In 1983, he ws drafted by the Calgary Flames in Round 12 (231 overall, source: http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=3334)

    So I'd guess 12 to be what we're looking for?

    "The father" refers to Viktor Thikonov (http://rt.com/news/208259-hockey-coach-red-machine/) who led his team to 13 consecutive soviet titles and 13 more European Cup titles (http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=740649)

    So either 13 or 26 i'd think to be part 3.

    I've tried several combinations of these digits but still something is wrong. :(
  7. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    For me:

    "To hang from rafters" is an expression linked to the hanging of jersey into hockey stadium (among other).
    So I'm searching the first jersey hung in the CSKA Ice Palace (and especially its number).
    I found this : https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffinmoscow/74694214/in/photostream/
    It may be one of them. What bothers me is the "A few of the many" part of the picture description. The one we are looking for may not be on it

    I'm ok with you

    For me, The Father is Anatoli Tarasov (according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoli_Tarasov). Tarasov is considered "the father of Russian hockey". At CSKA Moscow, he won 19 Soviet titles.

    So up to now, I have [a number of hockey jersey] 12 19
  8. DoctorAcula

    DoctorAcula New Agent

    Edit: clarifying these are my thoughts, not solutions.

    First #
    I keep coming back to Viacheslav Fetisov, who was jersey 02. I found that picture, too, and it's odd that 09 is hung before it, though.

    Second #
    I'm struggling to find a link to Russia, since Calder's appears to be American Hockey League, as well as "round" not specifying what part of the tourney to find the oldest player. According to http://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/CBH/1983.html, Tony Esposito was #35, and the oldest, on the winning team (I think. I know nothing about hockey.)

    Third #
    I took father literally as Stalin, figuring how many titles they had won during his regime. But really, we could brute-force this one out if we are confident in the first two. I have however tried 02-35-XX from like 01-20 with no results, so something isn't right.

    I feel like I'm overthinking it.
  9. HeckHound

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  10. fjölverkrk

    fjölverkrk Active Agent

    Combining my earlier post with the one quoted above got me to the answer!
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  11. Anuschka

    Anuschka Active Agent

    Thanks for the hint! Combining your two posts got me the right answer, too. I had been going in the wrong direction with both Part One and Part Three before... *fail*
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  12. fjölverkrk

    fjölverkrk Active Agent

    Now to make sense of the audiorecording :D :confused:
  13. Anuschka

    Anuschka Active Agent

    Yeah, about that... Can someone with better English help me? There are two parts I cannot clearly understand:
    At 2:2O: "I couldn't believe it when we got the ??? back."
    At 2:43: "Stem cells are intact aside from their ???."
    I appreciate the help! :D
  14. HeckHound

    HeckHound Active Agent

    For the audio recording, could the file name have something
    Edited in your original spoiler :)
  15. Anuschka

    Anuschka Active Agent

    Thank you very much!

    So, the relevant key words/phrases I took from the audio:
    • unique samples
    • bone marrow that is still usable long after death
    • active blood cells
    • intact stem cells, aside from longevity
    Anyone come up with anything else? So far, searching for those and entering random keywords hasn't yielded a solution (surprise suprise...).
  16. HeckHound

    HeckHound Active Agent

    Don't know if it's relevant but:

  17. Xero Flux

    Xero Flux Active Agent

    Don't overthink it. The answer is right in front of your face (or) ears.
    You have it posted in your post already. (It is used to diagnose and monitor a variety Of Blood Cancers)
  18. Anuschka

    Anuschka Active Agent

    ...oh. Yeah, I did overthink that one. Out of all the random things I entered... that just seemed too simple. :p
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  19. Xero Flux

    Xero Flux Active Agent

    Step 3 took me a few minutes but it isn't as hard as it looks, just as in part 1 and 2.

    At first like me most will wonder what do British battles have to do with the answer to Step 2? Keep it simple! Look for the common denominator.
    What do all these battle have in common, that researching would assist someone working with (step 2's Answer?)?
  20. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    That's not my case xD

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