Mission #6 - Agent Silverfox's Assistance

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  1. Silverfox

    Silverfox Senior Agent

    Play time is over Agent.

    I got your request and it is time you step up. As always, these are nudges and you can still Call for Help and contact the IRC room. AS you will see, Agent, things are going to get darker and our mission more important as your career continues.

    Nudge 1:
    Remember the mission. Find a connection to illegal human experimentation in one of the background. Does anything in the backgrounds seem like a place that might happen? Research research research.

    Nudge 2:
    You already did this with the photos. Same tricks apply.

    Nudge 3:
    Listen to the team on the ground. If they don't want to go into an office that is open and full of people, then you should wait till there is no one in the office.

    Nudge 4:
    The ground team gave you clear instructions on where to bug. Read the report. If you stop the interference with 2 of the bugs, then you can figure where to put the third through trial and error.

    I wish you success. We have just begun.
    # # #
    Edit by @Zerosh
    Added personal hints and some guidelines. Thanks to agent @Silverfox who made the thread in the first place.

    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.
    Note: It's recomended to download all images and files in order to work with less difficulty.

    Part 1
    All you need is in the documents provided
    One of the three doctors worked in a place where human testing would be way easier

    Part 2
    All you need is in the image
    MSPaint or a similar software could be useful

    Part 3
    Follow the instructions you are given
    Placing a microphone in each floor could be a good idea
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  2. Greenhead

    Greenhead Senior Agent

    I'll add a "technical" note for the last part. It's something that's obvious in hindsight, but flew over my head for a half hour or so.
    My mistake was paying too much attention to the decibel meter. Listening to the actual noise is far more useful. Think about what noise you're hearing, what could be making it, search the building for it.
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  3. arithine

    arithine Active Agent

    Another "technical" note for the last part, which is definitely not a spoiler.

    Make sure your browser is showing the entire floor plan, you may have to resize your browser.
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  4. PapaD

    PapaD Senior Agent

    I have completed this mission but have now upgrade to Yellow. This now shows a leader mission, I presume it best to start this mission again?
  5. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    I believe you might be in a "Call for Help"? :)
    If so, it merely means that the mission in question is the one the "leader" (who sent out the Call for help) was on when they sent out the call.

    No content is gated by Clearance Level, so changing Clearance Level (be it higher or lower), won't open up any new content for the Agent, it'll only signal HQ that it's okay for them to contact the Agent via either phone (Orange) or phone and address (Yellow), and this will only be to increase verisimilitude, for example by calling you with an update on an event mission that you can then relay on to other Agents. :)
  6. PapaD

    PapaD Senior Agent

    that explains it, I did help some one out at the time.

    Thanks Santiak
  7. Freemankiller

    Freemankiller New Agent

    On part 3 of Mission #6 you get the task to place bugs in an building.
    I placed all 3 of them but nothing happens?
    I tried diffrent number but they where all wrong.
    Any hints/clues? Am i missing something in the desc.? Or is something wrong with my browser?
  8. redphoenix3

    redphoenix3 New Agent

    Have you dialed the number? 514 612 2495 - you should hear a phone ringing and than a message or interference.
  9. Freemankiller

    Freemankiller New Agent

    Welp i found out about that after making the post.
    It was a little with my browser (it did bug, once i didn't even see the keypad) but then i tough 'Hey how about i call that number'. Thanks for atleast trying to help btw...
  10. Creis

    Creis New Agent

    Part 1 of the mission doesn't accept the answer for me, anybody know what's up with that?
  11. annescence

    annescence New Agent

    Hello there,

    really nice looking game so far!

    I'am new and allready stuck! Season 1 - Mission 6 named "BUGGED".

    I opened the link: http://infiltration.blackwatchmen.com/rosenberg (it adds a "/locked.php" autmatically?)

    but there is no Floorplan or anything. There is nothing I can do or interact with but using the Keypad device. When I call the number, there is just the same message from the team. that comes after page reload (team don't work cause to crowded). I see the car on the monitor and in the middle of the screen is written"Operation suspended..." I realized that the time wasn't right so I changed my time in windows. Then it was past 5pm and after the clinic closed..but still the Team doesn't want to work and I cannot set up the bugs/signal devices. I reloaded several times, started mission again and checked if the browser (chrome) window hided content. Is it bug or just a riddle? I really don't know what to do, cause the Rosenberg Site is quite huge.....do I have to gain access to the intranet first or something? where is the clue for that?

    I do not know how the Ingame Help works - there is only Link to this Forum and to the new discord server. IRC doesn't connect ("ETIMEDOUT")

    Could someone plse help me with that mission?
    Could someone plse inform me about the Ingame Help and the IRC connection issue?


    (Since I just bought the complete Library-Package on Steam after playing the Demo...I wonder if that was too fast for not beeing perfect english speaking...and obviously not being able to understand what the program wants me to do/to find out without seeking help quite soon, which frustrates me.)
  12. HappiestMeal

    HappiestMeal New Agent

    I had the hardest time with this for a while because I had no idea which desk was his...
  13. annescence

    annescence New Agent

    Hi HappiestMeal! WOW There IS life in this thread!!!!
    I am little bit sad that no one else responded/ helped out - at least with the technical issues (IRC).

    @HappiestMeal: yes for me it was some kind of trial and error as well...it get's harder (eagle-way harder if you know what I mean ;-) )At which mission are you now?
  14. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Sorry for the delay-- IRC was decommissioned at the start of the year. You're welcome to join us in the Discord server we now use: https://discordapp.com/invite/P3N7vyT
  15. HappiestMeal

    HappiestMeal New Agent

    I'm only on mission #7 right now.
  16. RhiLupin

    RhiLupin New Agent

    Hi, Im on the third part of this mission. When i go to the website to place the bugs and whatnot it doesnt let me do anything. Do i actually have to wait till the time the building would close to start that part of the mission?
  17. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Yes, you do :) Try out some of the community made sandbox missions while you wait!
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  18. XJ938G

    XJ938G New Agent

    Where/how did you find this URL? All I'm getting is "additional info needed plant bugs..." with a text box.

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