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Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Freddie Fuller, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Freddie Fuller

    Freddie Fuller New Agent

    I have no clue where to start! Can someone please help?
    Thank you
  2. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

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  3. Anashel

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    Hi Agent Freddie Fuller!

    Mission 3 of Season 1 is the first mission where you can see what the game is about. You have a tons of informations and potential leads to investigate. It's an opportunity to explore background information about real life history and events. This is really what the Black Watchmen experience is all about.

    As Jarobi said, if you need a hint as to the direction of the mission, there is a thread to help you in your investigation if you need it.

    Me, @crux or @Jarobi are often in the IRC channel also. Do not hesitate to drop by!
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  4. Krazek

    Krazek Active Agent

    I just completed the demo and had a blast, but it did leave me wanting to comment on one thing.

    When the #3 training mission briefing states 'uncover culprit', I feel it would be better if instead it said 'uncover likely culprit' or 'uncover possible culprit'. I got the answer without hints, but I spend half an hour trying to track down actual, hard evidence to corroborate it rather than to stop at an informed guess. No regrets though, it was fun and I learned a bit of Polish in the process.

    Edit: Just bought the game and wanted to say, the briefing is phrased much better there. Also, I absolutely love your attention to detail and humor, like that your medical supplier lists dihydrogen monoxide as a dangerous substance currently not available for sale.
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