Mission 3: The Supply

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  1. Tavshi

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    How do you send out the supply package?
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  2. nikel

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    Hey Tavashi,

    This mission is one that trips a lot of people up, the answer is actually more simple than most are making it. Multiple answers are accepted, so make sure you read the briefing carefully. From least to most spoiler:

    This is a package you are preparing at HQ for the priest.
    You have to pack the suitcase
    Read the letter and decide what is important for the priest to have. Put them in the suitcase one item at a time
    Purple Stole, or Holy Water are both accepted, among others
  3. MERCury

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    It is rather what than how!
  4. Tavshi

    Tavshi New Agent

    Thanks. I figured it was something simply i was missing.

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