Mission 25: "operation Prevention"

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  1. Santiak

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    With HQ being pre-occupied with urgent matters elsewhere, I've been instructed to update Agents on new - but less crucial - findings.

    As such, I need to stress that this is not connected to the ongoing mission overseen by HQ.

    Find out how to stop Bombshell Blonde's Team from expediting their plan-in-motion before unleashing her wrath on New York.

    Update from Agent:
    Sightings of Illuminati symbolism surrounding the building - unsure whether delinquents, but proliferation of symbols suggest intent.

    It is estimated that we have untill 5 P.M. EDT // 22 P.M. CET to complete this mission.

    Step 1:

    Where precisely is the target located for bombshell blonde's impending attack?
    Fire Air Water Earth Spirit
    (9 + 7)
    Looking for a specific place for someone to attack, in the hopes of doing damage to - presumably - the Illuminati (see below).
    This excludes a person (who), and as such, must be a high-value location.

    The image is of a building on Pearl Street, Brooklyn.
    Considering the Agent Update (Illuminati Symbolism), it also hints at a connection with The Secret World.
    Searching the inside of the building (As an Illuminati), you might come across the "Server Room".

    A nickname for the Illuminati headquarters, other than it's usual indication (Illuminati Tunnels), is the "Labyrinth".

    Labyrinth Servers

    Step 2:
    The place is heavily fortified with guards and safeguards but Jule's team has a way to attack the complex. How will they accomplish this?

    It was widely believed that, due the to audio file sounding like that of a train, that the answer hinted at was the name of a specific subway station; used to attack the target location found earlier.

    The possibilities were widely discussed in IRC, but eventually the correct station was found; one that connects to a line running past the target location.

    Rutgers St Tunnel
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  2. Vomher

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    The Bombshell Blonde:

    This refers to Jule Johnson, whose twitter handle is @Jewel_of_Isis.

    And Whitechapel certainly mentioned Isis before in Isis-Urania.
  3. Telamir Asecret

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    I have not seen an update did we make it or did the lumies go boom?
  4. Myridean

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    SOON (TM) ;) - RT event took place OOCly to include people from Europe to participate on both teams. ICly the results of today's event will be revealed tomorrow latest.
  5. Myridean

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    Surveillance of Bombshell Blonde's team (03-09-2015-03-45)

    @DocDonovan Oh wow! There's a boat out there with a police light on it! (3:30am)
    @DocDonovan One might think it was looking for someone or something. (3:33am)
    Jule Johnson ‏@Jewel_of_Isis
    @DocDonovan Well, if it was looking for someone they won't find them but they might find something else instead out there in the water ;)
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  7. Ashielf

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    I have two questions about this:
    "Fire Air Water Earth Spirit" - How was this hint helpful?
    “Searching the inside of the building (As an Illuminati), you might come across the "Server Room".”
    How can one know that the server room gives a hint without guessing?
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  8. Myridean

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    It ties back to Jule as she's a Wiccan priestess, the symbol of Wicca is the diagram of a pentagram. The Caesar Cypher could either be brute force solved for what the message says inside the first picture or they could use the second hint of the pentagram. The Caesar cypher used a letter a displacement of 5. Another word for five is penta.

    Once you decode the code, you'll realize it's part of a song and the song's title as well as the album title would've made it a lot easier to solve. Since this group is huge on using steganography skills, they would've found the code. It wouldn't have been easy as it was encoded into a png formatted picture, but there are some tools out there on the net/online for that. It was just a matter of patience of finding the right one.

    The code revealed: Xt, xt, xt, xt qnxyjs zu 'hfzxj dtz hfs'y xfd stymns' / Dtz'qq xmzy rj itbs bnym f uzxm tk dtzw gzyyts? - Once taken through a Caesar Cypher and Googled, "It would've revealed that the lyric comes from the Beastie Boys' song, "Sabotage" from the album "Ill Communication" From an Illuminati standpoint, people / agents are not considered indispensable; information is power. Jule wanted to hit them where it would hurt the most: the servers in the Labyrinth.

    Hope that helps!
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  9. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    TBH, I didn't decode a thing. I used google earth to pinpoint the location. Once I saw it, I recognized the building and knew the answer, but I would not have been able to do that, unless I had played TSW.

    The element clue also threw me off, as there is a hotel named "elements" near the location.
  10. Myridean

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    Totally understandable! Those would be called "Red Herrings" and I've chased quite of few of those in these ARG campaigns. One time I spent a whole night going through a seeds vault looking for organic not GMO'd corn seeds that would've been grown in the Nebraska region for both Monsanto and another company whose name escapes me at the moment who is equally liable. Anyhow, I managed to whittle down the list to JUST 12 hits out of an initial 50,000 hit count only to find out that all we needed was the name of the seed vault in the North, that's it. *facepalm*

    PS - I did find out though that no GMO seeds from Monsanto were included in the seed vault so they were innocent ... to the best of our knowledge *Dun, dun, dun, dun!* :D
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  11. Ashielf

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    Thank you very much. I missed this mission and had some loose ends. :D
    I think it's great how the community came up with those missions. They were a real good testing bed for the client.
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  12. Catalyst

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    I went crazy trying to figure this mission out. I didn't even find the street for it, because I was busy looking around Manhattan for overpasses. Reason? Those elements correspond to the pentagram, and there's a design company on the middle island named "Pentagram".

    I doubt I would have figured this out without reading the solutions in this thread, because I never would have thought to look in TSW.

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