Mission #24

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    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.

    (IRC CHANNEL LOGS can be found on this page, under the #m24.1, #m24.2 and #m24.3 options in the dropdown menu. Click #division66 to choose.)
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  2. Mkoch117

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    Mission 24.1
    Hint # 1
    What measures magnetic fields?

    Hint # 2
    The answer is 4 letters

    Hint # 3

    Mission 24.2
    Hint # 1
    The values of the permittivity and and permeability are very important, both are less than zero

    Hint # 2
    What is being reflected is light

    Hint # 3
    This material has negative values and is meta

    Mission 24.3
    Hint # 1
    Keep the range of the gun, 600 ft in mind, it severely limits which buildings you can pick

    Hint # 2
    You can see the building from the ROAD side base of the needle

    Hint # 3
    Try all combinations of the building's name, this answer is a bit picky
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  4. Zerosh

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  5. Lone Wolf

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    I tried typing in different versions of Art Deco, but I kept getting the wrong answer.
    Am I at the right building? I swear I've been staring at Google Maps for hours trying to figure this thing out. Please help.
  6. codex-13

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    You are not.
  7. mujie

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    For 2, I feel like they should have said type of material. I spent a while looking for a specific material.
  8. zaelong

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    I think it refers to a type of material, and not the components itself...
  9. mujie

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    I know that now, but it wasn't made clear with the question, especially considering previous things asking for materials had asked for specific materials. I mean they changed the question of mission 3 to make it clearer. Now I'm stuck on part 3:

    The only place not covered by trees is across the river from the Needle. This place seems perfect, but it has no name.
  10. craevn

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    To anyone who comes here looking for help with 24.3, like I did...
    Remember that there are multiple Cleopatra's Needles! Make sure you're looking at the right one.
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    24.1 is worded so poorly. I got stuck on it for the longest time. For anyone who was also stuck, the mission says "Order a device capable of detecting Baup before she gets to Cleopatra's needle." That is not the actual mission. They actually want you to tell them the item they should order that they can modify to detect Baup. They are asking for the initials of the item.

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