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  1. Zerosh

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    Use this thread to discuss theories and keep track of clues and hints.
    Also, please post here the link to any document (or similar) created to cooperate on the mission.
    Meanwhile I'll try to keep this post updated with useful info and hints.

    (IRC CHANNEL LOGS can be found on this page, under the #m23.1, #m23.2 and #m23.3 options in the dropdown menu. Click #division66 to choose.)
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  2. Mkoch117

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    Mission 23.1
    Hint # 1
    After emailing Oscar Brien try searching google images with a basic description of the talisman

    Hint # 2
    The talisman is not part of a private collection, what's the opposite of a private collection? What are those called?

    Hint # 3
    Simplify the answer to the sub-organisation of the museum

    Mission 23.2
    Hint # 1
    Google the place, maybe look for a virtual tour!

    Mission 23.3
    Hint # 1
    This is the language of the people who used to live in the area of the talisman

    Hint # 2
    The area was formerly Persia

    Hint # 2
    There are several sites that use examples of translating this language, the answer is often used as one
  3. Typhoon Jim

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    Solution for final part of 23.2 is super picky about notation. Should probably allow a slightly wider range of inputs.
  4. Aquilas

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  5. Zerosh

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  6. Krazek

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    I really liked this mission, it makes good use of what's available nowadays on the internet. I do have a slight objection though, regarding 23.3

    The characters on the back of the artifact are each a logogram, or graphic symbol, of the same name. All three of them are simply different ways of writing that name, the third being the genitive or possessive case of it. This makes for a rather odd ancient inscription, as it would be the equivalent of engraving something with "Julia Julia Julia's". It's easy to understand the confusion though, as the signs often show up on the internet all three of them erroneously put in a row as if they create one name together.

    Also, I'm not entirely sure whether the second and third signs are written correctly, as any trustworthy source I've found writes those with two additional marks in front of them. I'm not a specialist on that era or alphabet though, just a historian with too much time on hand.

    - A Harvard Introduction to Old Persian: http://www.fas.harvard.edu/~iranian/OldPersian/index.html (Lesson 1, page 16)
    - The University of Texas, Persian Online, Grammar & Resources website: https://sites.la.utexas.edu/persian_online_resources/history-of-the-language/old-persian-script/
    - David D. Testen, 'Old Persian Cuneiform', in: P.T. Daniels and W. Bright eds., The World's Writing Systems (Oxford 1996) section 8, especially page 135. https://books.google.nl/books?id=ospMAgAAQBAJ&pg
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  7. mujie

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    They should have had more than one answer for part 1 -_- It's a really good thing they had the asterickses there.
  8. Repix

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    I'm stuck in the first part of the mission. Oscar Brien does not answer the email and link to the IRC logs to find more information does not work. Can you help me?
    Thank you very much.
  9. Whitehouse

    Whitehouse Active Agent

    Is this mission broken..? The email doesn't seem to work and (I cheated a bit and found the reply online) the mission solution also doesn't work...
  10. Repix

    Repix New Agent

    Well, not even that. :(
  11. Whitehouse

    Whitehouse Active Agent

    I think sometimes they update a mission, change it's solution etc..? Hellooooo...? Tech support...? eW91IGhhdmUgdHdvIHNjcmV3ZWQgYWdlbnRzIGhlcmUh
  12. Onesmy

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    I'm having the same problem since yesterday. I just posted a new thread on the technical support part of the forum here. I initially thought it would only be a simple problem with the e-mail address of the trader, but it might not be the case, especially if what should be the correct answer doesn't seem to work either.

    Please feel free to add more details to the thread on technical support, it might help to find the cause of the problem and it will probably be a bit more visible than this one. :)
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  13. Whitehouse

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    meanwhile nite team 4 is freaking awesome!
  14. R4Ki

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    hello fellow agents,

    i have the same problem regarding the email. I tried several emails with keywords variations... no reply. dunno if it's a tech problem or something i missed.
    you can still succeed in the mission as the item is the same (& hasn't been moved). i just did. (feels a bit like cheating though :s)

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  15. Jarobi

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    Working on the issue now, will update this thread once the problem is fixed. Sorry for the bug, we'll have Oscar up and running soon.

    EDIT: The problem is fixed. The following spoiler reveals the fix. It will NOT spoil the puzzle at all, just the process of delivery.

    There was an issue with the email account's responses, so we've taken the information and put it directly into the game. All the text is the same and the puzzle still functions the same way, there is simply no longer an email conversation with O.Brien.
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  16. Onesmy

    Onesmy Active Agent

    Thank you very much for your quick response to this problem! Now everyone can go back to solving the puzzles.
  17. YugiDMega

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    I have been stuck on Mission #23-1 for about 2 days now. I have found a location but it's wrong, searched for the more obvious and it was still wrong. So I looked it up, thinking that maybe I'm just being stupid about the obvious and looking to too deep where I didn't need to. Except, the answer I found stated that my previous answer was the correct one. Did the original location of what I needed to find change?

    Sorry for being vague, I don't come to the forums often and as such don't know how to mark things down as spoilers.
  18. Onesmy

    Onesmy Active Agent

    Hi! Did you make sure that the location you found had the right numbers of letters and was on the right format? The "XXXX..." before you type your answer should be enough for you to know in which format exactly the location name should be. I didn't find it that obvious before counting the Xs and checking the positions of the spaces inside the full name of the location... To be honest, that's not the format in which I would have written it, but I'm not a native english speaker and it's possible that this actually is the proper way. Anyway, you should check the Xs for the format and make sure you don't have any typo (sounds stupid but I know it happened to me several time to make this kind of silly mistakes).

    I hope this helps you! If it doesn't, please feel free to send me a private message with the name you found. I did this mission just a few days ago so I'm pretty sure my answer is still the correct one, and I wrote it down so I can compare with your conclusion.
  19. YugiDMega

    YugiDMega Active Agent

    I recently completed the mission, so I'm a bit late on this and that's my bad. I honestly didn't think anyone would really answer, it was a formatting error on my end. I had to type in the entire name as opposed to the short answer that it showed as an option. Thanks though!
  20. Freemankiller

    Freemankiller New Agent

    Hello! My friend and me too currently are having troubles on this. We are late but still. The formarting of it is preety cheecky. We did find the location, but, well...
    I tried with an little template [(Location),(Number),(Orient)] and also scrambeld it around but it didn't work. Help?

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